The Comic Book Podcasting Companion Hits Stores Today!

And we’re back! After last week’s last second printing SNAFU, we are told, with confidence, that today is the day the book arrives!

In the summer of 2008, iFanboy had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fine people at TwoMorrows Publishing for their book on comic book podcasting, The Comic Book Podcast Companion.

And today it has finally hit the stores!

Here is how the book is described on TwoMorrow’s website:

Comic book podcasts have taken the Internet by storm, and now TwoMorrows offers you the chance to go behind the scenes of ten of today’s top comic book podcasts via all-new interviews with the casts of AROUND COMICS, WORD BALLOON, QUIET! PANELOLOGISTS AT WORK, COMIC BOOK QUEERS, IFANBOY, THE CRANKCAST, THE COLLECTED COMICS LIBRARY, THE PIPELINE PODCAST, COMIC GEEK SPEAK, and TwoMorrows’ own TUNE-IN PODCAST! Also featured are new interviews about podcasting and comics on the Internet with creators MATT FRACTION, TIM SEELEY, and GENE COLAN. You’ll also find a handy guide of what you’ll need to start your own podcast, an index of more than thirty great comic book podcasts, numerous photos of your favorite podcasters, and original art from COLAN, SEELEY, DC’s MIKE NORTON, and many more! With a spectacular new cover by Mike Manley.

We’ve seen an advanced copy of that book and TwoMorrows has done a great job! If you’ve ever wondered about the stories behind the podcasts that you listen to this book will prove invaluable. It’s chock full of pictures (I hope you like looking at Ron…) and really interesting and meaty interviews from the featured podcasts. Hell, our interview is 12 pages!

Here’s a sneak peak at the first page of our interview:

The Comic Book Podcasting Companion is also available through Amazon and at 15% off through TwoMorrows’ website.

TwoMorrows does excellent books focusing on a lot of different aspects of the comic book industry, and if you haven’t already you should check out some of their stuff.

UPDATE – I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the different formats that the books comes in. The printed version is in black and white. There is a digital version that is in color (as you see in the page above). If I’m being completely honest, the digital version looks way better, if only for the photography. If you still want the physical version but don’t want to miss out on the higher quality color version, if you buy the book from TwoMorrows’ website (linked above) you get a free digital version. Or if you just want the digital version, you can buy that form TwoMorrows’ website for 10 bucks, as opposed to 16 for the printed version.


  1. Only 3 left in stock at Amazon? Wow!

  2. Are we sure that it comes out today? 🙂

    That picture of you guys in those respective superhero shirts….They look so wrong out of context. Ron seems to have lost some hair, Josh looks nothing like that now, and Conor….well okay Conor still looks the same.

  3. @TNC Conor needs to lose the hat though. lol.

  4. @SteenAR: I was actually thinking of that. Who wears hats now? This was a period in time where Conor wasnt embracing the sexiness of a bald head. lol

  5. Just when I had gotten over my remorse of not having the iFanboy Daily video show anymore…this article had to mention it again. I will now go cry.

  6. Good to hear. Looks like my pre-order from Amazon should be shipping out soon then 🙂

  7. @TNC: Who wears hats now? Really?

  8. I’m glad they used two pictures, the bottom one, playing into the stereotypes (which is cool) is balanced out by the top one actually being a good picture.

  9. @Crucio: They used way more than two pictures. That’s just page one of twelve of our interview.

  10. @TNC: It looks like a baseball cap…I’m pretty sure billions of people wear them. Baseball caps are popular in every western country and most eastern countries including China.

  11. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    My wife just got me a baseball cap with the Flash’s logo on it for my birthday and I was plenty stoked.  Just tossing that out there for whatever it’s worth.

    And I’m looking forward to reading this interview when I can.  Looking at that list of podcasts, there are a couple of other interviews that peak my interest as well.  Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I still think the Josh-as-Sickboy look is awesome.


  13. Woo!

  14. Check out the update I just added to the bottom of the post.

  15. Looks like I should’ve ordered from TwoMorrow directly instead of from Amazon. Bummer. I thought that looked a little cheap for a book that would look as gorgeous as the preview page did above. Oh well.

  16. @Brian: Did your order ship yet? You can cancel it if it hasn’t.

  17. Wait, are people really trying to convince TNC that hats are okay to wear? I’ll probably buy the digital one. B&W isn’t worth customs.

  18. Why would you want a digital hat?  Is this a Second Life thing?

     Thanks for posting the page.  I immediately went back and listened to the first episode.  And Ron went blue from the very start.  It was a lot of fun.   And you’re still here!

  19. @Conor Yea, I realized that about 2 minutes after I posted, and cancelled with Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. @Brian: You’re welcome. It really is the better deal to get it direct from TwoMorrows –  you get the best of both worlds: the book and the color digital copy.