The Best of the Week in Twitter – 05/12/2010

Because the bullet wasn't enough.

Frank Tieri (@FrankTieri) I'd rather get shot in the face than see Sex in the City 2. Then set on fire. Then pissed on to put the fire out. Then set on fire again.

This went on a lot longer than he probably expected.

Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) If a great colorist gets on a book–sales are unaffected–and that color services the art–to my way of thinking–he shouldn't get royalties

Mostly because of this.

Dave McCaig (@DaveMcCaig) @ErikJLarsen For the record, I will never color anything for you. Not that it seems like you'd care which technician you get.

If only they'd known about Mike's dominance.

Mike Norton (@themikenorton) The thing people in internet arguments with me fail to realize is there IS no argument. I win. That's all. I'm not debating them.

See?! No one knows anything!

CB Cebulski (@CBCebulski) I'm always amazed by how many misconceptions & falsehoods there are about the business of comics, especially by the creators who work in it.

You're damn right!

Eric Powell (@goonguy) Hellboy in Mexico reminds me why I love comics.

I relate. So much.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) this baby has superpowers! she can make 1 hour's worth of work take me 5 hours!

This was the one he didn't delete later.

Tony Harris (@TONYFINGHARRIS) Comic Pros talking about Cereal, and the latest articles about them. I really feel like twitter could be better served than folks

Aaaaand the next day.

Tony Harris (@TONYFINGHARRIS) So I got a little hot last night, a little too passionate. Hope I didn't piss off too many of you.

That's a great point!

Skottie Young (@skottieyoung) I don't understand the desire tear down the things you don't like when it's so much more fruitful to spread the word on the things you do.

But then, at the same time…

Skottie Young (@skottieyoung) Don't get me wrong, I"m not saint. Behind closed doors I talk criminal amounts of shit about art I don't like. It's therapeutic.

I can see why.

Matt Sturges (@matt_sturges) Doing edits for House of Mystery 26. Just wrote "Add a line for the walrus: THIS WOULDN'TA HAPPENED IF I WAS STILL MAYOR." I love my job.

Ben? Ben Grimm?

Dan Slott (@DanSlott) Years of writing pseudo-science for Hank's pym particles & Reed's unstable molecules has rendered me a real-life-scientific-Grade-A-jamoke.

Listen, I can explain.

Brian Clevinger (@bclevinger) Dude in bathroom stall screaming about, "Work with me on this!" Very uncomfortable until I realized he was on a cell phone.

Crap, I hope Erik Larsen, Dave McCaig, Tony Harris, and Gail Simone like ice cream.

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) Everyone stop fighting right now or I will turn this Twitter around immediately and there will be no ice cream.


  1. No icream? Awh man this sucks!

  2. Who does Number 2 work for?

  3. Wow. Nice one, Ryan Kelly.

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This week did drive me a little nuts. I was surprised to find myself losing a lot of enthusiasm for certain creators with their Twitter fights and unproductive arguments that went on for hours. It seemed shockingly unprofessional in a profession that appears to be getting smaller and smaller all the time, thanks to instant public connectivity. Besides, I want to like these people! I mean, I like their work! Ugh.

  5. It turns out being locked in your room all day drawing does not do wonders for your social skills. I’ve probably unfollowed 85% of the comic creators I once followed; it was starting to actively impede my enjoyment of their work.

  6. @Jeffr

    Thats the danger of social media. We often forget that stuff is very public and conversations that in the past might have been limited to a bar conversation is now out there in the world for all to read. I mean these creators probably don’t realize their Twitter wars are being saved by the Library of Congress for future historians to comb through (Every Twitter post really is!). That being said, they’re people and things can spiral out of control easily especially when passionate people are discussing things they care about. 

  7. Yeah, the Tony Harris/Gail Simone fight really rubbed me the wrong way… there were really no winners in that fight, and no moral high ground, just shades of Blegh. That being said, the Dan Slott tweet is fantastic

  8. I don’t follow any creators because of things like this.

  9. I’ve never wanted to read House of Mystery more in my life right now.

  10. Ryan Kelly nailed it. lol

  11. Seems like folks on twitter are having the same mood swings everyone else is around.  Group hug?

  12. This thread as made me realize one important thing about the comic industry:



    I will never follow Tony Harris, Erik Larsen, or Gail Simone on twitter. 

  13. I feel Frank Tieri on the Sex and the City movie.  My god, I hope it fails so we never have to see any of it ever again.