The Best of the Week in Panels – 12.21.2011

But wouldn’t it be great if the Number One Panel this Christmas wasn’t some smug teenager, but an old ex-heroin addict searching for a comeback at any price? All those young popsters, come Christmas Day… they’ll be stretched out naked with a cute bird balancing on their balls, and I’ll be stuck in some dingy flat with me manager, Joe, ugliest man in the world, fucking miserable because our fucking gamble didn’t pay off. So if you believe in Father Christmas, children, like your Uncle Billy does, buy my festering turd of a record. And particularly enjoy the incredible crassness of the moment when we try to squeeze an extra syllable into the fourth panel.


Justice League #4

by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Scott Williams

Splashes like this are why you have Jim Lee draw the Justice League.

– Matt Adler

Uncanny X-Force #19

By Rick Remender, Robbi Rodriguez, Dean White & James Campbell, and Cory Petit

Rick Remender is writing one hell of a romance comic!

– Ali Colluccio

Venom #11

by Rick Remender, Lan Media, Nelson DeCastro, & Marte Garcia

Phish kills.

– Josh Flanagan

Wolverine & the X-Men #3

By Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, & Tim Townsend

Oh, Quentin Quire, how we’ve missed you.

– Matt Adler

Savage Dragon #177

by Erik Larsen

There’s not much I can say about this panel that it doesn’t say for itself, except that it’s far from the only such insane moment in this issue.

– Matt Adler

Daredevil #7

by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Matthew Wilson

I love this because there aren’t so many superhero books out there where they will let the “hero” lose his temper with a bunch of blind kids because he’s so frustrated. There were plenty of great moments in the issue, but this one impressed me.

– Josh Flanagan

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1

By Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, & Cameron Stewart

I think we’ve all had moments like this in gym class.

– Matt Adler

The Activity #1

by Nathan Edmondson, Mitch Gerads, & Kyle Latino

We focus very much on well drawn panels and dialog, but the unsung hero of great comics is design, and in addition to art, colors, and letters, Mitch Gerads designed a hell of a cool looking book, all while being regularly attacked by an insane cat.

– Josh Flanagan

The Incredible Hulk #3

By Jason Aaron, Marc Silvestri, & Sunny Gho

“We’ll show them I’m not so crazy after all. Follow me, my island of genetically engineered abominations!”

– Matt Adler

Justice League #4

by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams

The most fun on this book is the clash of personalities who don’t know each other. I loved the confidence out of Batman in this panel, as opposed to the silent grim guy. He’s got some edge here, and it’s kind of the best thing ever.

– Josh Flanagan


  1. “I think you’re referring to ‘If you really love pa-nels…'”

    “‘…c’mon and let it snow.’ Ouch.”

  2. This has been my favorite Panels intro in a while.

  3. I’m sorry, but he looks more like Armored Golem #3 than he does Darkseid.

  4. Chooom…..Is that the Inception sound? Cause if it is then that is brilliant.

  5. “Kids, don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star and they give ’em to you for free.”

    Also, great panels.

  6. I think one of the best panels may have been out of Wolverine and the X-Men where Matt Murdoch served Kilgore with papers for the attack. I love the little Avengers crossover and it was done in a very simple, effective way. Though it was more than one panel.

  7. best page is in jl when aquaman raises the sharks to eat they parademons.

  8. Best panel is in uncanny xforce when Fantomex send “Even” off to the school for gifted youngsters

  9. Not a single panel from Fantastic Four 601!?! Really guys? That book was chock full of great panels! Especially the one where Johnny says to Spider-Man, “Here, hold my Annhilus.”
    That was brilliant! I mean yeah, Batman being edgy is cool and all, but it was nowhere near as awesome as that one panel.

  10. Best intro to the panels of the week in the history of this website. Love Actually is my girlfriend’s favorite movie. I’ve seen it four times since Thanksgiving this year alone, and we plan to watch it once more for the season on Saturday night. Great stuff, Josh. I actually have to work today, and you just made my whole work day when I read that quote!!

  11. “Then you aren’t looking at me.” I love the way Batman is being written in the new Justice League comic. I also love the running joke that everyone is shocked he is just a guy in a Bat costume. And that he’s kind of a dick LOL.