The Best of the Week in Panels – 11.07.2012

The name is Panels. James Panels.


Legends of the Dark Knight #2

By B. Clay Moore, Ben Templesmith, & Saida Temofonte

Ben Templesmith drawing The Joker dressing up as Commissioner Gordon–complete with fake glasses, nose, and mustache, and toking on a bubble pipe–is about as terrifying as you’d expect.


Uncanny X-Force #33

By Rick Remender, Phil Noto, Frank Martin Jr or Rachelle Rosenberg, & Cory Petit

Yes, that was a shark that AOA Nightcrawler transported into AOA Blob’s belly. Yes, that did make me queasy. Yes, there is something (delightfully) wrong with Rick Remender.


Swamp Thing #14

By Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, & Travis Lanham

Hey, look! I found Bigfoot! *rimshot*


The Manhattan Projects #7

By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, & Joride Bellaire

Awwwww man! And the pizza JUST got here!


Action Comics #14

By Sholly Fisch, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Jordie Bellaire, & Steve Wands

These Action Comics back-up stories continue to bring the quality storytelling and this emotional moment was a highlight of the week.


Deadpool #1

By Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Tony Moore, Val Staples, & Joe Sabino

I recently picked up the book The Presidents Club and I’m hoping for a lot of scenes like this.


Worlds’ Finest #6

By Paul Levitz, Kevin Maguire, Rosemary Cheetham, & Carlos M. Mangual

This is what inter-dimensional sibling rivalry looks like. It’s about what you’d expect.


The Avengers #33

By Brian Michael Bendis, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Jason Keith, & Cory Petit

If I had super breath I’d do this a lot.


Earth 2 #6

By James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, Alex Sinclair, & Dezi Sienty

I did a quick and dirty erase job on the rest of the page so that we could focus on how fantastically chaotic that Nicola Scott action scene is. She’s at her best with shots like that.



  1. We’re gunna need a bigger Blob!

  2. I love panels like the one from Manhattan Projects.
    Everytime I look at it I see something new and twisted.

  3. My reaction to the Swamp Thing panel was actual “Fee Fie Foe Fum”. But maybe that’s just me.

    Also, the Deadpool panel makes me want to buy the book even more, which is a shame because I need to cut back on comic expenditures.

  4. When I first saw that MP panel, I was immediately reminded of Where’s Waldo.

    Not only does Pitarra’s art somewhat resemble the Waldo art, but one of my favorite things to do as a kid was stare at those pages and enjoy all the mini scenes and stories taking place in a single moment. I often forgot to actually look for Waldo. If you paid close enough attention, there were plenty of little exchanges in those books that were definitely not for children. Nothing as adult as what’s happening here, mind you, but it struck that same nerve with me for some reason.

  5. neil degrasse tyson!!!! that makes my day!!!

  6. I thought for sure that Swamp Thing panel would elicit a Jolly Green Giant quip, obvious though it may be.

  7. Three words: Zombie Howard Taft. Comics could end tomorrow and I would be ok.

  8. So odd to see Neil deGrasse Tyson in a comic book. Of course he found Krypton cause he’s a fucking bad ass.

    I think my favorite moment came from Dial H with the reveal of ‘Wingy’, the Pegasus sidekick for Nelson’s new superhero persona.

  9. Neil deGrasse Tyson FTW!

  10. I had so much fun with Tony Moores Deadpool panel. I found myself stuck on that page for a good 30 mins just imagining all the unique ways each president will meet his end by Deadpool. I also had a brief “where’s waldo” moment with Lincoln, until I turned the page. One of my favourite page reveals this year.

  11. That issue of Action should have ended with Superman and Neil Degrasse Tyson trading outfits.

  12. What is Jesse Jackson doing in Action Comics?

  13. I can tell that Nicola Scott is a great fan of the male booty because she draws them so beautifully.

  14. AOA the series pissed me off because The Blob was killed in freaking X-Men Alpha a million years ago. Get your continuity right!