The Best of the Week in Panels – 08.25.2010

The parts are sometimes greater or less than the whole.

Invincible #74

by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, FCO Plascencia, and Rus Wooton

"Marsha!" I guess, I just didn't expect this scene, but it made me laugh, and it lead to the observation about "compatible parts."  I imagine an incredible telenovela music sting at the moment Allen opens the curtain. Also, they have curtains? They don't have pneumatic doors that open with a FWOOSH? What the heck?

— Josh Flanagan

Superman/Batman #75

by Paul Levitz, Jerry Ordway, Steve Wands and Pete Pantazis

Velocity = distance/time
If velocity = fast
And distance to Braniac's lab = known
Then time = simple division
Truly a 12th level super-intelligence at work.

— Ryan Haupt

Scalped #40

by Jason Aaron, R.M. Guerra, Guilia Brusco, Trish Mulvihill, and Steve Wands

I've got no joke about this, but page three of this issue of Scalped made me simply crumble.  If I had the POW this, it would have earned the spot right here.  Look at the expressions on those face, and the subtext in those words.  Wonderful stuff.

— Josh Flanagan


Joker and Lex

Superman/Batman #75

by Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Trish Mulvihill, and Nick J. Napolitano

The entire 2-page Calvin and Hobbes-inspired strip was great, but I love these first two panels from Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo's "Joker and Lex" story, particularly Lex's laid back demeanor in the second panel.  Lovely storytelling and subtle acting that does Bill Watterson's work proud. Now to see if Beremejo is selling the original art.

— Benjamin Simpson


  1. Joker and Lex should be in Wednesday Comics 2!

  2. ^^^ What he said.

  3. @thursday Funny, was also the first thing that came to my mind. By the way, is there coming a Wednesday Comics 2?

  4. Would love to see a regular Joker and Lex feature, but at that point, it almost stops being an homage, and just looks like you’re ripping off Bill Watterson.  But I’m all in favor of a Green/Johnson/Albuquerque ‘Lil Leaguers feature.

  5. Wow, two comics in as many weeks with Calvin and Hobbes homages.

  6. The last two are great, especially since the last one has lil’ Lex.

  7. The facial expressions on Lex in that Joker and Lex strip were pure Watterson. I didn’t know Bermejo was capable of that.

  8. The Goon had a fantastic series of panels were an Orangutan catches on fire and explodes.

    ….Okay that probably makes no sense out of context.

  9. Those are some great panels  but my favortie would the first 2 panels of the lil’ justice league page in superman/batman, when batman is explaining what being murdered is to robin.


    Batman-"Overwhelming trauma that renders the victim lifeless."

    Robin- "OHHH… like when alfred doesnt let me have dessert?"

    simply amazing.


  10. Doesn’t Watterson dislike superhero comics? I can’t help but feel the homage wouldn’t be appreciated.

  11. @Bornin he can’t hate them that much, or he wouldn’t have done the Stupendous Man strips

  12. @JohnVFerrigno

     Actually, sounds like he really doesn’t like superhero comics at all.

     (From the Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book)

     "You can make your superhero a psychopath, you can draw gut-splattering violence, and you can call it a ‘graphic novel’, but comic books are still incredibly stupid"