The Best of the Week in Panels – 08.11.2010

I live my life a quarter panel at a time.

Daytripper #9

By Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Dave Stewart & Sean Konot

The metaphor might be a tad on the precious side but I found this panel, where Bras explains the nature of life to his son while his own father looks on, to be very touching.

— Conor Kilpatrick

Batgirl #13

By Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Guy Major & Travis Lanham

This single image encapsulates a lot of what I love about Stephanie Brown and the current Batgirl book.

— Conor Kilpatrick

Ultimate Spider-Man #13

By Brian Michael Bendis, David LaFuente, Justin Ponsor & Corey Petit

Both disturbing and kind of sexy. But mostly disturbing.

— Conor Kilpatrick

Superman #702

By J. Michael Straczynski, Eddy Barrows, J.P. Mayer, Rod Reis & John J. Hill

I'm trying to figure out which is more unfair: the fact that he's Superman or that he apparently gets to use two balls.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. Oh snap son! Clark has mad ups.

  2. Women without faces are my fetish

  3. Less mouth means less talk

  4. Less Mouth Also Means Less Something Else Too! If you know what I mean,lol.

  5. Nice to see Batgirl getting a nod.

  6. @horrorofsorts The panel would indicate that the no mouth is no hindrance to speaking, so you are losing out on all fronts there, or winning on all fronts if you are incredibledave.

  7. So I take it Superman walked to Miami?

  8. That image from Superman makes me laugh every time.

    He promised no flying, but the guys should’ve said no powers in general. At least no super speed… 

  9. @incredibledave – whoa

  10. Has the batgirl book always looked that beautiful?


  11. Batgirl looks kind of insane in that panel.

    And a chick with a big head & no face? Yeah…I’d hit that. 😉


  12. That Batgirl panel pretty much encapuslates what I LOVE about this series; it’s so much fun!  It’s funny that this and Secret Six (which is its polar opposite) are the only two DC books I buy.

  13. Chameleon chick kinda looks like she’s trying not to poop, which is impressive on LaFuente’s part if that was the intent. Y’know. Cuz she has no face.

    Seriously though, LaFuente is knocking that book outta the park. I never thought anyone could live up to Immonen, but damn!

  14. Just wait until JMS introduces a Superman totem and reveals that Lois had twins with Lex Luthor who have been artificially aged and now want to kill Superman. This is how legendary comics are made, boys and girls.

  15. I so need to catch up on my Ultimate Universe shit :/

  16. "Ha! I am on Justice League! Bump fist!" was my favorite panel this week.

  17. Great nod to Amazing Fantasy #15 on the Batgirl Panel.

  18. @Simon: I was thinking of the same thing.

    I haven’t noticed that panel of superman having 2 balls ’til Conor pointed it out. What a cheater, lol.

  19. Isn’t Superman playing basketball against normal humans a bit like a normal human playing against some disabled people. He must be really proud of himself!

  20. @ SummerSleep

    This issue of Batgirl was done by a fill-in artist. It usually looks much better, actually.

  21. Man trade waiting for Ultimate Spider-man is gonna be hard!

  22. Talk about a butterface.


  23. Basketball should always be played while wearing a cape.

  24. lol eddy barrows clearly isn’t a basketball fan, i’ve never seen a rim that is extended that far away from a backboard

  25. My panel of the week vote goes to Generation Lost for the bit when Rocket Red wants a fistbump.  (However, the seeming Greg Land homage a few pages later was less fun, a Checkmate agent who was blatantly being doggy-styled.  Oh well, I guess on a biweekly book the art won’t be consistently great.)