The Best of the Week in Panels – 08.03.2011

Dear Mr. Panels, play us a tune.


The Punisher #1

By Greg Rucka, Marco Checchetto, Matt Hollingsworth, & Joe Caramagna

For the majority of the issue we never really got a good look at The Punisher–he was mostly an off camera force of nature. And when we did see him it was pretty terrifying.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance #3

By Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill, & Clem Robins

You see a lot of ray guns, and blasters, and purple energy in comics, but nothing seems more painful than a ballpeen hammer to the temple. Ugh.

— Josh Flanagan


Jonah Hex #70

By Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ryan Sook, Mick Gray, Lee Loughridge, & Rob Leigh

I love the scratchy effect that shows how Old Man Jonah Hex sees without his glasses.

— Josh Flanagan


Irredeemable #28

By Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Nolan Woodward, & Ed Dukeshire

"You like my tattoos?"
"We're gonna have to get you one."
"I don't think so."
"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna brand you myself."
"Livestock gets branded."
"Livestock. Yeah, that's exactly what you are, my livestock. Because now, Tobias. Your ass belongs to me."

— Conor Kilpatrick


Batman: Gates of Gotham #4

By Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Dustin Nguyen, Derec Donovan, Guy Major, & Derek K. Fletcher

This panel stuck out to me because it didn't match any of the other work in the book. From out of nowhere, we're hit with this brushy, impressionistic style, and it's really compelling. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the art. Still, neato.

— Josh Flanagan


Batman: Arkham City #4

By Paul Dini, Carlos D'Anda, Gabe Eltaeb, & Travis Lanham

I love the panel-to-panel progression in this sequence. That's pure Paul Dini.

— Conor Kilpatrick

Red Skull: Incarnate #2

By Greg Pak, Mirko Colak, Matthew Wilson, & Clayton Cowles

Whatever could this be alluding to? The best part of this series so far, is the skill of the artist in depicting a young boy who still looks scary as all Hell.

— Josh Flanagan

Severed #1

By Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Attila Futaki, & Fonografiks


— Conor Kilpatrick

Severed #1

By Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Attila Futaki, & Fonografiks

Dentures! Of which there is nothing more frightening.

— Josh Flanagan


Scalped #51

By Jason Aaron, R.M. Guera, Giulia Brusco, & Sal Cipriano

This was the "shit just got real" moment of the week and if you're reading this book you know why.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. That Punisher panel is pretty beautiful.

    And the glasses effect from Hex is pretty brilliant. Very smart way to show that. 

  2. Wow. A lot of panels this week. All great choices though!

  3. Wow that Jonah Hex panel was brilliant and well thought off! Wearing glasses myself, that’s how I see the world without’em!

  4. lmao Josh….lmao OZ

  5. @4iiii  Actually, that was Conor. Had it attributed wrong.

    But I’m pretty sure he wrote it there for me specifically.

  6. Loved that Punisher issue.  That panel got an “Oh shiiiiiiiit” out of me.

  7. The Red Skull panel is not even the most terrifying in that book.  However the color scheme is the best.

  8. Nice picks. It’s a shame about Gates of Gotham doing a switch-a-roo out of nowhere with the artists. On it’s own, that page is pretty good. But you’re right Josh it doesn’t match with anything else in the book.

    I think my favorite page(s) (to cheat here) came from Sweet Tooth #24. The two page spread of Sweet Tooth in the forest full of skeletons and it’s all in watercolor? Creepy as hell but gorgeous too. 

  9. Also, @conor, does this mean you may play Arkham City and/or Arkham Asylum as well?

  10. @TheNextChampion  Nope, it means I wanted to read an out-of-continuity Paul Dini Batman book.

  11. @conor: Aww.

  12. Geez, there are a lot of Batman panels this week. Just goes to show how awesome the Bat stuff has been over the last couple of weeks.

    I love that Jonah Hex panel and the Punisher panel is just amazing.

  13. Earth tatoo is cool. How come the water from the great lakes doesn’t run into the tat? Just sayig cuz its funy.

  14. @conor  I *really* miss Paul Dini on Batman.  His run on Detective was so damn good.

  15. Yeah, I definitely would’ve picked some from Sweet Tooth as well. The subtle transition from Gus sailing in his dream world to his closed face is almost certainly my favourite page of the week.