The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.06.2011

Without panels you'd have art everywhere.


Fear Itself #4

By Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Laura Martin, & Chris Eliopoulos

I'm ready too, Steve. I've been ready since 2004.



Justice League: Subway – Famous Fans #3

By Mike S. Miller, Carrie Strachan, & Wes Abbott

I think he's talking about sex.



Chew #19

By John Layman, Rob Guillory, & Taylor Wells

Clearly, these astronauts have had their Subway sandwiches.



Flashpoint #3

By Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Alex Sinclair, & Nick J. Napolitano

The most inventive idea in Flashpoint thus far had a great reveal.



Jonah Hex #69

By Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Jeff Lemire, Dave McCaig, & Rob Leigh

Jeff Lemire's take on Jonah Hex is truly terrifying (in a great way).



Batman and Robin #25

By Judd Winick, Greg Tocchini, Artur Fujita, & Patrick Brosseau

Between the dialogue, the facial expressions, and the body language, the dysfunctional dynamic between these "brothers" is captured perfectly in this one panel.


  1. I enjoy the picks, but it sure seems like every time Jonah Hex is even a possibility it makes the list.  How about trumpeting some new horns every now and then…

  2. @cubsmodano  If we did that he might shoot us.

  3. …Shut up, Jason.

  4. MMMRRR.

  5. Not for nothing, but Grant and Breyfogle’s “Batman: Holy Terror” did the exact same thing that Johns did with the Superman reveal this week — but that was from the early 1990s, and I’m a hundred years old, so no one knows and it doesn’t really matter.

  6. That issue of Hex had 1-2 great panels on every page. My favorite? “This is man’s country.”

  7. @WilliamKScurryJr  HOLY TERROR is my all-time favorite Elsewords story. I’ve read it dozens of times. It’s similar (in that the government scooped up Superman when he landed) but not the exact same thing at all.

  8. Great picks, Conor. My comments:

    Welcome back, Steve! It’s about damn time.

    Batman should just try Enzyte, he might smile more. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials…

    I’ve often thought of becoming an astronaut.

    I always thought a “Superman” didn’t have to be ripped with muscle. If his powers were telekinetic in nature (which many of Superman’s MUST be), he could be a beanpole or a blob and it wouldn’t matter.

    Jonah Hex scares me. Really.

    The B&R panel was great. Funny and great art. I’m partial to coconut, but I would think unscented would be harder to track as well.

  9. I especially enjoyed the moment when Dick told Jason to stop acting like a tool.

  10. Chew and Jonah Hex had so many good panels this week, it was ridiculous

  11. flshpoint batman had great panels that could have been added here. hope it and hex makes the covers section

  12. I haven’t read my books yet, but I think I’m gonna make Batman & Robin my POTW for than panel alone.

  13. Really can’t wait to see that Lemire panel (and all of the others!) when it comes out in trade format.

  14. Holy crap, so I should have picked up Fear Itself #4?  That panel is awesome.

  15. @Firevine  Fear Itself #4 was really good in my opinion.  

    A great selection of panels.

  16. I’m surprised the last page of Batman:Knight of Vengeance didn’t make it.

  17. @jashcraft1014 – Seconded. And seconded.

  18. so glad that chew panel was included. it was my favorite panel of the week, so funny.

  19. Is Cap wearing Robert Plants pants…sheesh.

  20. @DrippyBits  Nope, those are his boots, not pants.

  21. @MisterJ. He keeps his wedding
    Vegetable in his boots?

  22. The fact that this ugly, boring, and ultimately pointless issue of Batman and Robin got a best of panels moment makes me sad.

    “I am….inside the Juggernaut”-Ghost

    If you know where that is in the book and what follows next totally makes it my best panels/pages of the week. 

  23. Cap’s pants look really tight. As a fellow with a similar need for a lot of room, i sympathise

  24. The problem with the last two Subway comics, which the first one got right, is that the VILLIANS NEED TO BE GOING AFTER THE SANDWICHES AND ONLY THE SANDWICHES.

    I feel very strongly about this.

  25. they’re after the sandwiches!! (cans) Oh, no more sandwiches!!! (cans)

  26. @edward : We talking Caps pants cause he’s packing heat and not the kind that shoots lead or tight cause we’re hefty? Either way, hilarious!

  27. Cool. So that was the best panel in all of Fear Itself so far…and since it’s here I don’t need to buy it, lol
    Seriously, though, that’s a GREAT panel. 

  28. Honorable mention has to go to DCU Online #11, where Superman vomits The Atom.

  29. Is chew like that all the time? It sounds FANTASTIC!

  30. Justice League: subway? Do they protect underground railroad systems? Or do they fight the injustice served up at horrible sandwich shops?

  31. @TheNextChampion – You’ve helped me realize how unintentionally hilarious that scene is. Thank you, sir.

  32. @DrippyBits  Robert Plant’s Pants is my favorite Zep tribute band.

  33. @DrippyBits  Ha!  I thought you were referring to the ‘bell bottom-ness’ of his pirate boots in the cropped panel above his head.

  34. i wish my job was to go up into space and start fuckin

  35. @MisterJ those look like Ravagers boots, if so Deathstroke is gonna be pissed…

  36. One word ” SUPER” solder! Must have had some extendze in it!

    Bruce, it happens to all players in middle age dont worry.

  37. My pick was the last page of Flashpoint: Batman.  I was really surprised by the whole issue, but that last page… wow!

  38. @Toshimoko29  Agreed. But if they would have posted it would’ve ruined the issue for everyone.