The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.04.2012

I don’t reckon you’ve got long. Seen that before. Gut wound. The slug’s probably torn right through your panel. Mate of mine in Ulster got caught in sniper fire. Bullet blew his inside out. He screamed for a good 10 minutes. We couldn’t send a medic in, the section was too hot. So we all took cover… and watched him die. I’ve never told that… to anyone… you should’ve called an ambulance… for the girl…

Earth 2 #3

By James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis, & Dezi Sienty

I have to admit–given the majority of the costume redesigns in The New 52–I was totally shocked at how simple and understated and how kind of awesome the new Alan Scott costume is.


Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4

By David Mandel, J. Bone, & Shawn Lee

In a tale built entirely on complete misunderstandings, this was the gag that had me laughing the loudest.


Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1

By Len Wein, Jae Lee, June Chung, & John Workman

I still vividly remember in the early 1990s when Jae Lee exploded onto the scene. His style has changed a lot since 1992 but it’s still good for everyone to be periodically reminded just how amazingly talented he is.


Fury MAX #4

By Garth Ennis & Goran Parlov

I dunno, guys. I don’t think that dude likes Fidel Castro.


Animal Man #11

By Jeff Lemire, Alberto Ponticelli, Wayne Faucher, Lovern Kindzierski, & Jared K. Fletcher

The new shape shifting Buddy Baker is kind of terrifying. And then I saw the tiny head in the background and I giggled.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1

By James Robinson, Philip Tan, Ruy Jose, Richard & Tanya Horie, & Carlos M. Mangual

Beast Man!


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12

By Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, & Cory Petit

I loved the elegant and emotional impact of this scene. (Sorry.)


Action Comics #11

By Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Rick Bryant, Brad Anderson, & Carlos M. Mangual

I’m surprised at how viscerally right the casual wear Superman outfit is. It almost completely changes the character and how he is viewed, and yet it seems so right.


  1. I like that Superman ditched those stupid boots for converse sneakers, they just seem more ‘Superman/Clark’ to me. Also, ive got a pair too so thats awesome.

  2. Wow. Jae Lee. Wow.

    • Avatar photo fought13 (@fought13) says:

      Yeah, that entire issue of Ozymandias is just gorgeous. It should be hanging in a museum.

    • Jae Lee is amazing, I love everything I’ve seen from him from images of Black Bolt and The Inhumans, Wolverine covers (wish he did those interiors too) and his work on The Dark Tower series, just all great art. I also like the chucks on Clark better, can’t go wrong w cons.

  3. Seeing Superman in the Converse All-Star look reminds me of 5th grade, back then if you weren’t wearing those, then you just weren’t in the game…”Don’t get the kind that slip and slide, get the ones with the star on the side…”

  4. when I saw that panel in Ozymandias and the leg i thought: “Oh snap!” literally.

  5. I was really hoping for the page from AvX when Black Panther smacks Iron Man in the face.

  6. I dunno, with a head being punched off, I don’t really hear in my head SPLUNK. Maybe SPLORCH.

  7. I don’t like Superman at all. But that is a great panel of Action Comics #11. Wow.

  8. Skinny Santa really dislikes Castro…

  9. That Beast Man panel is the ONLY good thing about that issue.

  10. Loved that Animal Man panel…I was thinking “Ok. That’s it. Battle over.That was one fight-ending, badass punch.” Sign. But no, the rot conflict drags on some more. Hopefully a little better with the long awaited Swamp Thing tie in.

  11. Again I can’t imagine why Travel Foreman didn’t want to draw Animal Man anymore based on that panel alone…

    This is going to sound weird but one of my favorite ‘panels’ this week was the huge, black page Lemire put in Sweet Tooth this week. He had the top of the comic be flashbacks and the lower half be Singh’s going to the facility in Alaska. One page has the flashback blacked out so we don’t know what exactly happened the moment Gus’s ‘Dad’ found his wife bleeding on the floor to him back on the job. It makes me wonder why Lemire did that and does it have any significance for the ending?

  12. Maybe it’s just me and my love of space porn, but that splash page of Rankorr alone in Red Lanterns was gorgeous.

    • Did not see your post at first before I said pretty much the same thing. That two page splash was spectacular!

  13. When can I get an Action Comics t-short superman action figure / PVC figure for my desk? Seriously. They have like 10 garbage new52 design ones but not the only actual good new costume changes.

  14. I really liked the He-Man comic

    • I love the bizarre characters in the Masters of the Universe, didn’t know James Robinson was gonna be on that book, I’ve seen Philip Tan art I liked but that Beast Man while a good drawing has a bit of a generic feel color wise, hope it remains a good book if this issue is good and would like to add an edgy He-Man comic to my pull if thats the angle they’re running with.

  15. I’m shocked that Red Lanterns did not make the cut this week. The double page where Rankorr looks around to the vastness of space was breathtaking to me. I still not sure if was an actual picture or a drawing of space, but it was impressive.

  16. The Miles scene was the best

  17. I like all these panels, don’t read Ultimate Spiderman but am digging the art on that page, like to see more of He-Man and the colorful cast of characters in that canon. I love Jae Lee’s art period and am just now about to read Ozymandias and Earth-2, love Earth-2 myself and dig the new GL costume but kinda miss the retro clash of his purple, red,green and blonde hair. Fury Max is hilarious, not the best art but fun, raw, over the top or swears are expected from Garth Ennis but that panel is just too funny.