The Best of the Week in Panels – 06/10/10

Do not fear panels. Panels are your friend.


Ultimate Spider-Man #11

Ultimate Spider-Man #11

Bobby Drake's grimace is what really sold this panel for me. That, and Peter Parker's dead eyes and beaten down expression. I want an entire issue of Peter and Bobby working at the mall.

— Conor Kilpatrick



Jonah Hex #56

This one made me chuckle. You can't blame her Hex, she warned you.  This is one of those things that comics does really well, where one character is reacting in a moment completely contrary to what the other character means.  It's a frozen moment of time in comedy, and when you make the comedic figure someone as grim as Jonah Hex, you get double points.  And now I've pointed out, explained, and subsequently ruined the joke.  Good stuff from Phil Winslade either way!

— Josh Flanagan



Chew #11

Chew #11

From an artistic stand point, this was my favorite panel of the week. I know that the "shot through the hole in body that just got shot" thing is probably cliche at this point; there's a reason why it's used to often. It's a dynamic and interesting shot made even more so by Rob Guillory's stylized art.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. Jonah Hex was great this week. Some of the silent looks Jonah was throwing around in this comic were scary.

  2. I liked the panel of Joker getting hit while wearing the Maybe Machine helmet.

    I blame the letterer for not putting a "DOINGGGG!" sound effect in there, to make it super awesome.

    And speaking of lettering, this week I noticed that Chew is the best lettered book on the stands. Layman got mad skills.

  3. That Chew panel keeps reminding me that this series can get uber violent sometimes. We’ve seen it a lot in 11 issues but still; the look of the series keeps fooling me into thinking it’s not as violent as it really is. Also, I will say the best ‘page’ for Chew was the final shot…..even if it was a rehash of a joke from another ending several issues ago.

  4. @TNC: That page wasn’t a rehash, it was a callback.

  5. @conor: Yeah callback sounds better.

  6. Haven’t read Chew yet, but I think that panel is a reference to Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled.

  7. Lol @ that Jonah Hex panel.

  8. @TNC & @conor: It also reminds me of the Black Adam and Psycho Pirate incident in Infinite Crisis.

  9. I get kinda gitty when two of the three entrys in ‘best of’ posts happen to be books I get.  This week Chew and Soloman Kane in panels;  and Buzzard and Shield in covers.

    Oh the joy! of sometimes getting feedback and seeing appreciation for relatively unpopular/under-appreciated books! (Aside from Shield)