The Best of the Week in Panels – 05/19/10

Without panels we'd all be in the gutters.


Avengers #1

Avengers #1

This laugh out loud moment was a perfect bit of characterization from Brian Michael Bendis. I didn't even occur to me until reading this exchange between Thor and Bucky Cap that between all the deaths and resurrections and big event comic battles that Thor would have no idea who the yahoo running around dressed as Captain America was. Oh, did I laugh.

— Conor Kilpatrick



DC Comics Legacies #1

DC Universe: Legacies #1

I love multiple things about this panel. First and foremost, it is a fine example of the level of detail and atmosphere that the art team of Andy and Joe Kubert brought to the book. No skimping on backgrounds in this one, this was an entire book with panels filled to bursting with detail and depth. The art really helped create a sense of time and place for the story. Second – street toughs!

— Conor Kilpatrick



X-Men Legacy #236

X-Men: Legacy #236

Most people–even most clawed people–would just cut the rope, or even untie it. But Logan has not gotten his nap in three days. Logan says, "This whole thing sucks! I hate Bastion, and I hate Hope, and I hate this pier!" and then he runs straight to his room and slams the door, bawling.

— Jim Mroczkowski


  1. "Hey, Wolverine, could you pass the salt?" "I got it, Petey!" (Obliterates table) "Now lets’s MOVE!"

  2. That was one of the many times I was confused while reading X-Men: Legacy this week.

  3. @REM: "Hey, Wolverine, could you loan me $5 I want to buy these girl scout cookies" "I got it, Petey!" (Obliterates little girl) "Now lets’s MOVE!"

  4. "Hey, Wolverine, could you hand me my keys?" "I got it, Petey!" (Obliterates car) "Now lets’s MOVE!"

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Street toughs FTW. 

  6. Were they supposed to be on a boat or something? I was really confused by the art in this issue

  7. Why would the X-Men take a boat anywhere?  Is it an X-Fest Cruise? Will there be kooky guest stars? Super Carmen Miranda maybe?

  8. I *knew* that Avengers panel would be a Panel of the Week!  That was a laugh that keeps on giving.

  9. Bucky then goes into the whole spiel about being Bucky, Winter Soldier, and then Captain America, and Thor pretends to fall asleep.

  10. @Paul- Hooligans>>>>>>Street toughs

  11. Good lord, all that destruction in one swipe! If an X-Men was tied up or something I wouldn’t want Logan freeing me.

    It’s a bit of a cheat but nothing beats that two page spread at the end of Brightest Day #2. Holy Shit indeed…

  12. So Wolvie obliterates the pier, but he’s not on the boat (as the rope leads the other direction.) So now he needs to make a big ass jump.  Bet that mad him happier!

  13. Is boychiks the kid’s name or slang for metrosexuals?

  14. @cromulent: It’s yiddish slang for "boy" or "young man".

  15. Boychiks? Don’t you usually have to go to Thailan for those?

     ba-dum-DUM! CRASH!

  16. @JesTr: "Hey, Wolverine, could help me with my puppy’s cage? I need to let him outside"
    "I got it, Petey!"
    (Obliterates Cage and Puppy)
    "Now let’s MOVE."

  17. that Kubert panel really is fantastic

  18. Every week that an issue of Atomic Robo releases, there should be a panel on these articles. This one was particularly chock full of gold for me.

  19. Why is that pylon exploding outward!? Do Wolverine’s claws magically blow crap up now? Also, shouldn’t the boat be listing heavily to the side Colossus is on and not the side with the skinny women? (Physics! They’re FUN-damental.)

  20. I love that Thor’s dialogue is still in a different font after all of these years.  Even when he is not speaking in Prose.

  21. @ghettojourno: Agreed.  This week in particular.  Man, shrugging velociraptors?

  22. re: X-Men Legacy

    [in The Count’s voice] "One, Two, Three, Four. Four! Four vunderful ass shots."

  23. @tomdpimp Isn’t that just the default Asgardian font? Since its inception (was it back when Warren Ellis was having Thor shag the Enchantress?) there’s been no distinction between poetry and prose in terms of its usage. Besides, when isn’t Thor speaking in prose? Is he a poet and I don’t know it?

    Ah, boychiks, takes me right back to the original run of Nova.

  24. The DC Legacies panel looks awesome!!!