The Best of the Week in Panels – 05/05/10

Panels. Sometimes they supply solar energy for eco-friendly homes. Like the one Ed Begley Jr. lives in. We have no idea if he likes comics, which is what we're actually talking about here. 

These are some of the astonishing panels that leapt out at us this week: 

Hellboy in Mexico 

Is it possible to be both terrifying and tantalizing at the same time? I say thee, yes. I talk about this image at length in my full review of the issue, but I just wanted to highlight it again here. Really simple, stark image. An ominous sign of just how bad things have gotten in the Mexican town Hellboy's just stepped into. Oh. Crap. 




Brightest Day #1

It's a bad start to your day getting shot in the back a bunch. It's even worse when a zombie shark rises from the depths to eat you. This might have been a day to check your horroscope ("Cancer: A big change is coming up") and call in sick. If only those things could be more specific.




Jonah Hex #55

Ironically, his great grandson will be abducted from a Super Cuts, driven to a warehouse in the Gotham docks district and be forced to groom Two-Face.  "Finger length on this side. Then just kinda make the other side look like a roadkill possum after three day's rain. Actually, do you have a machete? As for the shave, do this side perfect and the other side blind-folded?"



  1. You would think that that side of Hex’s face is dead skin. So would hair be growing there anyways?

    Also can’t deny a vampire turkey or zombie shark. Now that is a battle I wanna see happen. In Brightest Day I say my favorite panel (or panels) was Sinestro being sheepish. When Hal asked if he could life the lantern, I just love the look Sinestro has. Clearly he is embarrassed to answer.

  2. I had meant to write to Paul to suggest the shark panel, and it’s pretty clear it was too much to be ignored.  What you got there are zombie sharks, and you almost never want zombie sharks.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It will be interesting to see if Aquaman can summon Fillet-o-fish sandwiches in coming weeks. 

  4. I want zombie shrimps. Also, he must ride a giant zombie clam at some point.

  5. @TNC: It wouldn’t be dead skin but most of the hair folicles would’ve been burnt off but hey Hex has to look fine for the ladies.

    @josh & @drake: All I want is zombie sharks with freaking laser beams attached to there heads. Is that to much to ask?  Actually I demand a giant zombie seahorse for Aquaman to ride.

  6. Orc Stain was chock full of panel of the weeks.


  7. And yes, we need a issue with Aquaman entering a restaurant and a bunch food coming to life and attacking their um, swallowers.

  8. @Paul – You may have found a fundemental flaw in the Brightest Day premise, well, where Aquaman is concenred. However, it would be the greatest ever, if a sushi attack is actually planned in future issues.

  9. How come there hasn’t been any Deadliest Catch jokes yet?

  10. Is that Wario giving Hex a shave?  His mustache is telling me yes.

  11. See this is how they should have done the Jaws sequels. Zombie shark, yes even with a head all blowed up.

  12. Does this make Aquaman only King of the Dead Sea now?

  13. @drake: You said Zombie Clam!

    I was pretty impressed with the amount of blood and action in Brightest Day #1.  Not to be too cliche but its not your dad’s DC.