The Best of the Week in Panels – 04/21/10

Oh, comic book panels? Where would we be without you? Looking at a blank page, I guess.


Guardians of the Galaxy #25

Guardians of the Galaxy #25

After two years of issues, a grudging acceptance is beginning to form between the best two anthropomorphic animals in the Marvel Universe.  Natural enemies, yes, but the common good has brought them together.  I'm guessing by issue #50, they'll be having drinks together. It'll be fantastic. — Josh Flanagan



Ultimate Spider-Man #9

Ultimate Spider-Man #9

It's about damned time! — Josh Flanagan



Batman: Streets of Gotham #11

Batman: Streets of Gotham #11

How many super heroes do you know who would dip their fingers in their own shoulder wound to gather enough of their own blood to paint a domino mask on their faces? Because I only know one: Damian Wayne. — Conor Kilpatrick


  1. That Damian kid’s gonna be nothing but hamburger and scar tissue before he’s thirteen.

  2. @RobAbsten – Just like his old man

  3. Yes to all of these.  Personally, in the USM issue, I preferred the panel where they referenced the cover of issue one as an example of why his haircut sucked.   Classic!

  4. Wow that kid has some really thick blood!

  5. That is really fucked up with what Damian is doing.

    My choice would be in Brave and the Bold. Specifically the very first panel we realize that this is an homage to ‘The Killing Joke’. My brain just told me that Barbara is wearing the same yellow sweater as she was in the actual comic. That made me glue to the rest of the comic. 

  6. Why am I not reading Ultimate Spider-man? That one panel of art has won me over.

  7. When I saw that panel w/Damian, I knew it had to make it to this section of the site. That is one hardcore kid.

  8. Great panels! For GotG, however, I might have gone with the "bang" splash. Star Lord FTW.

  9. Good choices! Damian is badass. I hate having sweat in my eyes I could only imagine what blood would be like.

  10. I LOVE Ultimate Mary Jane!

  11. I like that Damian panel.  I don’t remember why I’m not reading Streets of Gotham…  Maybe I should start.

  12. Only reason I’m not reading Streets is because of the fill-ins. Same with Sirens. 

  13. I’d love to get to issue #50 of GotG. I know it is a long shot at this point with the hiatus but I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

  14. I’m thinking maybe I should be picking up Streets Of Gotham again…

  15. Guardians was a great choice.

    Never (ever) would have guessed that I’d be reading (and enjoying) a book featuring two talking animals.

  16. I was so relieved by the haircut.  It’s actually bizarre to me just how much that ridiculous hair bugged me, but it really got in the way of the book for some reason.