The Best of the Week in Panels – 04.25.2012

If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that panels will not be contained. Panels break free, expands to new territories, and crash through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, ah, well, there it is.


Secret Avengers #26

By Rick Remender, Renato Guedes, Bettie Breitweiser or Matthew Wilson, & Chris Eliopoulos

The more you know.


Moon Knight #12

By Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth, & Cory Petit

Apparently, the Powers experience hasn’t been a good one.


Aquaman #8

By Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis, & Nick J. Napolitano

Someone’s sleeping on the Aquacouch tonight.


Daredevil #11

By Mark Waid, Marco Checchetto, Matt Hollingsworth, Joe Caramagna, with Greg Rucka

Checchetto could draw more Spider-Man. I would be totally fine about that.


Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #9

By Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, Dean White, & Clayton Cowles

That dude was wearing a cup. It didn’t matter.


All-Star Western #8

By Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Moritat, Gabriel Bautista, & Rob Leigh

Note to self: Do not take Dr. Arkham on any cases that take place near opium dens.


  1. “That dude was wearing a cup. It didn’t matter.” LMAO!

  2. So what Conor is saying is, panels find a way.

  3. I am so glad that Chechetto did that entire arc. He’s incredibly good.

    The woman from that first Aquaman panel reminds me of one of the character portraits you could use in Neverwinter Nights.

  4. Say goodbye to Hollywood. Say goodbye my baby.

    • So the Age of Ultron is actually going to be a thing. I figured that would be Bendis’ last big event with the Avengers, not AvX. Maybe AvX paves the way? Like AoA, someone important in the Avengers dies and it causes the AoU to occur.

  5. To not spoil anything for anyone…Last page of this week’s FF…’nuff said!

  6. I laughed out loud at that Aquaman page. And again at your comment. Great stuff all around!

  7. My favorite panel of the week, month, year, was the last page of FF. That was so bizarrely awesome.

  8. what about that spread in superman? c’mon, i’m not a huge jurgens fan, but that was sweet.

  9. How does the last page of FF NOT get on this list? I call shenanigans!

    Although my other favorite sequences from Aquaman and All Star Western is showcased. I especially loved Arkham smoking opium because it literally comes out of no where.

    But two other things I noticed:

    1) That art is atrocious in Secret Avengers

    2) That last page of Moon Knight does say an awful lot about Bendis’s experience in Hollywood.

    • I thought the art in Secret Avengers was pretty good.

    • I also thought the art in Secret Avengers was pretty damn great.

    • I gotta agree with TNC about the art in Secret Avengers. In comparison to Hardman’s art, it’s way too big of a shift for the series, and I felt that tonally it didn’t fit the story. The crazy vibrant colors didn’t quite work for me as well. Also, Thor looks like a girl. There’s more of my thoughts in my review on the site.

    • I’ve never been a big fan of Renato Guedes art to be honest so that might be the problem. His work I’ve seen on Wolverine though did suit the book very well. Maybe if he did non-superhero work….Cause his detailed pencils might be more suited with Avatar or somewhere else.

  10. That Aquaman one is priceless, almost good enough to start reading that series now. Should I be reading that series?

    That Daredevil was great, seeing that panel makes me want to reread it.

    And for the requisite personal favorite that didn’t make the list…. American Vampire

  11. So glad to see the Daredevil panel. Checcetto drawing Spider-man has been one of my favorite things about Omega Effect; I couldn’t believe the panel from Punisher of him fighting the Hydra agents didn’t make the list last week. I completely agree that I could use some more Checcetto Spider-man in my life.

  12. The Dr. Arkham spread of him getting high while in New Orleans was great. Awesome set-in with Hex who has to bust him out of trouble again (and himself) next issue. Seriously though, how has Jonah Hex not just tied Arkham up and put him on a train back to Gotham? I just wish there was a better explanation of why Arkham is so insistent on staying with Hex.

  13. Checchetto was wasted on Punisher. That guy is freakin’ off the scale.

    • punisher is one of the best marvel books there is. every bit as good as Daredevil. he certainly isn’t wasted on that title. him and rucka are killing that mothafucka. great series.

  14. Thor’s Hammer live and uncut, Thor’s Hammer all up in your guts!

  15. I was hoping to see that Secret Avenger’s panel! “Leave McCoy to his night sweats and tea…”

  16. I love Mera. Her face throughout that conversation was choice. Especially the last panel when she blatantly states “Not Better.”

    • reis does some of the best facial expressions i’ve seen. author’s big eyed face was my favorite. but you could tell that mera was not at all amused.

  17. Thought FF #17 last page panel would be here too (though thought it would also get POTW, Mr. Kilpatrick he don’t like no Fantastic Four/Future Foundation), but good one on the Thor from The Ultimates!

    Great art from Ribic!!!!!

    • Wait, did you just say that I *don’t* like FANTASTIC FOUR/FF?

    • Well I am shocked that you’ve avoided them on your Pick Of The Week, which even our lowly opinions seem to think it should’ve won & yet one of the funniest final panels in a comic this year isn’t used in Panels Of The Week either, so I don’t know you tell me?

    • It’s like you’re coming in here saying the sky is green.

      I’m pretty sure on a recent show I called FANTASTIC FOUR the best book at Marvel (tied with WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) and I have made these books the Pick of the Week more than anyone.

      So I didn’t love this particular issue and that particular panel as much as other people did. That’s gonna happen sometimes.

    • No, I’m sure not everything is always gonna float your boat, I was just shocked that’s all!

      I’m not trying to pick an argument.

  18. The comment on the Aquaman panels made me laugh out loud – good one, Conor!