The Best of the Week in Panels – 03/24/10

This week, comic book panels bring the funny… and the head scratchy.


Captain America #604
Captain America #604

In what was an otherwise entirely lackluster issue of Captain America, this panel made me chuckle.  There's nothing quite like the hero, placed in an untenable situation, subtly berating the villain, especially when the villain is super-crazy, and he made you wear your old WWII jammies. — Josh Flanagan



Nemesis #1
Nemesis #1

The thing about this that stuck with me wasn't the image of Air Force One barreling through a freeway tunnel; it was imagining what bizarre and improbable circumstances could possibly set this scene up. So, the gas truck (which is driving through Washington, DC, USA with the word "PETROL" emblazoned on it) jackknifes before the crash, and then the lady shuffles her papoose right into the scene of the accident, not noticing the jet hurtling directly at them until she's halfway through the intersection? "Hey, man. The sign said 'WALK'." — Jim Mroczkowski



New Avengers #63
New Avengers #63

There's a rule about not including anything, no matter how clever, if it doesn't move the story forward, but I submit that this panel is completely superfluous, and also completely hilarious.  Bobbi and Clint are having a discussion, and Spider-Man shows up, and is dismissed just as quickly.  There was no point to this, but it was a fine laugh. — Josh Flanagan


  1. Great choices. Especially the last one.

    I’d like to include the panel with Pointy-Face’s orc penis cut off in Orc Stain #2. 

  2. The one with Spider-Man is hilarious. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  3. All three were great panels.  The Spider-Man one was one of my favorite moments this week.

  4. I also love that Spider-Man one, partly because he’s in red and black. I love when they do that.

  5. @Jim – If Nemesis is supposed to be a sociopath Batman (let’s call him Bat-shit-man), then it’s totally plausible that he arranged for the truck to be jackknifed there, although if I was the editor, I would have had them change the truck to say something more American, being that it IS set in DC. As for the woman, she’s just a dumb American that can’t help but rubber-neck at the scene.

  6. "There’s a rule about not including anything, no matter how clever, if it doesn’t move the story forward"

    It’s not a rule, it’s a principle.

  7. That’s a funny Spider-Man panel.

    I imagine that happens most of the time when Parker sees someone. 

  8. @KickAss-the terms would be synonymous in this usage.

  9. I was really hoping for the ASM panel featuring Annomous White Guy(tm)

  10. And how about the panel in Mighty Avengers #35 in which the word ‘snog’ is used?

  11. I fail to see how Captain America is being lackluster. It’s still far too good to warrant all this moaning about how far it’s sunk.

  12. I think Cap sunk during the past year with all the Reborn nonsense.  This particular series is a return to form. 

  13. I’ll be talking about Cap on this week’s show, but the art, in particular, was pretty weak this issue.

  14. totally agree w/ the spidey panel, OF COURSE he would bump into a couple of his buddies arguing while he wants to talk 

  15. I don’t usually read my books till the weekend, so I only got to this issue of CAP today.  I still think the story is pretty good, especially in the big picture view of what Brubaker is saying with the story, BUT, yeah, the art was not good.  Not good at all. 

    To stay on topic, I love nameless buddy sitting there with his arms crossed.  "Fine.  I’ll just sit over here while you guys tell your sexually explicit jokes.  I know it makes me an outsider, but I’m still totally reporting you to HR on Monday."

  16. That Nemesis panel bugs me like it does with Jimski.

    Granted a plane flying threw a tunnel will scare the shit out of you. But if you judge the perspectives of the panel, the truck looks like it can keep driving. Why did it jackknife if the guy had a slim chance of escaping? Poor depth of field by McNiven there. 

  17. Rules?!?!?  They are more like guidelines… Flexible, y"now.