The Best of the Week in Panels – 03.23.2011

Panels, Panels, we have Panels here! See? Nobody cares. Nice hat! What are ya tryin' to look like – a secret agent?


Hulk #31

By Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, Elizabeth Breitweiser, & Ed Dukeshire

Red Hulk loves barbecue. Because he's a real goddamned American is what he is. Why can't they understand?

— Josh Flanagan


Justice League: Generation Lost #22

By Judd WInick, Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson, Ruy Jose, Hi-Fi & Swands

I bet there are even people out there who would prefer this outfit to the NBC one.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Hellblazer #277

By Peter Milligan, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Landini, Trish Mulvihill, & Sal Cipriano

Just like Walter Sobchak can get you a toe, Dude, John Constantine can get you a thumb. Also, that guy? That guy was not dead.

— Josh Flanagan


Batman Incoporated #4

By Grant Morrison, Chris Burham, Nathan Fairbairn, & Pat Brousseau

You have to love how Grant Morrison is challenging 25 years of established Batman tone, and really just going with it. This is in continuity people. This is law. It happened. I love that.

— Josh Flanagan


Batman: Streets of Gotham #21

By Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, John Kalisz, & Steve Wands

Yes, that person cut off and is now wearing your face like a mask. Yes, that means you no longer have a face. Yes, it wasn't even your face to begin with… (Paul Dini goes really dark sometimes.)

— Conor Kilpatrick


FF #1

By Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Paul Mounts, Rus Wooton

Bam! I didn't even read the preceding issues, nor do I have a real emotional attachment to these characters, yet this moment was resonant and affecting.

— Josh Flanagan


  1. i would have included the panel from Generation Lost, where Red Rocket is so happy hes yelling in russian and he realizes no one knows what hes saying. but the wonderwomen panel is the next best……or blue bettle telling everyone to shut up

  2. That Rocket Red/Wonder Woman looks like it was Beyonce inspired:

  3. I enjoyed the dinner prayer in FF

  4. I wouldn’t mind the ABC WW outfit if it wasn’t so DAMN SHINY…

    And now I want BBQ, thanks Josh…

  5. Does the new Spider costume come with any special abilities?

    And What is all over batman’s face- doesn’t exactly look like lipstick

  6. @ericmci  It can change colors based on spiderman’s user preferences.

    The weird thing is that in the next shot EVERY seat is taken at the FF table? What up with that.

  7. @convoy83  I loved that prayer. Especially the little Wizard clone’s part in it.

  8. Practically every panel in Green Lantern 64 and even some from GLC 58 are my favorite panels of the week. Mahnke is gold and I believe that Kirkham has established himself as a member of the great Green Lantern artists of the Johns era.

  9. I have always thought that Every super hero costume of any character connected to any amount of tech out to have temperature control- impact resistance- etc Sometimes this is explained
    but with being on the FF and Peter being a scientist as well I hope this gets highlighted.

  10. That Batman INC panel was so damn funny. Burnham’s art really makes it work, especially with how he draws Bruce’s face in it.

  11. The BBQ panel just made me realize:  he’s Red-STATE Hulk.

  12. You should see the one where he’s chowing down. Made me hungry for ribs.

  13. Damn good panels this week. Someone should really keep an eye on Paul Dini…

  14. @ResurrectionFlan

    I looked at that dinner table panel several times because I thought that too, but there is one seat empty next to Sue, but Epting didn’t show it well and had Spidey block it.  Not the best compostion but he had a lot of characters in that panel to do.

  15. @Evangelion11  Yeah, that panel is hilarious, I coulda sworn that would have been up here.  Those first few pages of JL:GL, in both writing and the art, were some of the funniest moments in comics I’ve read in a while.

  16. Almost every panel from astonishing spiderman and wolverine this week were my favorite; that issue was amazing.

  17. I thought the Wonder Woman show was gonna be on NBC

  18. @Heroville  Typo.

  19. lol it must be a bitch for hulk to get cash out of his wallet with those giant fingers…

  20. @tomdpimp  Ah ok I will have another look.

    Does the hexagon thing work for everyone? It’s different everytime you see it how do they pick who gets what?

  21. i didn’t even look at any of the panels before rushing down to this comment box and to thank you very much for that Jurassic Park reference! haha. It was a day-maker.

  22. Loved that monkey dropping bombs panel from last week. An instant classic

  23. There were a lot of panels in Batman Incorporated that I liked, but that was one of the best.