The Best of the Week In… Covers (11/18/09)

These are my picks for the strongest covers of the week!

Nomad #3
Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

It’s striking and simple, and already tells a story in the classic comic book way.  I noticed this cover from across the room, and loved the great figure drawing, as well as the pop art sensibilities, with just a touch of what made classic Kirby Steranko covers great.

Victorian Undead #1
cover by Tony Moore

If this cover isn’t saying what they want to say, then I wouldn’t know how to do it.  You’ve got Holmes, and you’ve got zombies in some way.  If that’s your bag, this cover is going to sell it to you.  If it’s not, you know to steer clear.  Tony Moore does maggots, and does ’em right!

Underground #3
Cover by Steve Lieber

This one is just an awesome design, doing so much with so little.  It’s three colors, a bunch of opaque shapes, and it’s great.  Simplicity, solitude, and creepiness, all at the same time. 


  1. I really don’t care for any of the above covers.  I think the Hellblazer cover was the most impressive this week.  A close second would be Cowboy Ninja Viking.

  2. Nice picks! No major standouts for me this week, but the Hellblazer cover did encourage me to pick up the book for the first time in a while. Flash Rebirth was a nice throwback too. 

  3. The Underground cover is really great. The "negative space" silhouette extending down from the logo into the swirling darkness? Really eye-catching. Good stuff.


  4. Hellblazer, if only to make me think that Vertigo was coming out with an Indian Mythology book.

  5. I didn’t see that Underground cover until just now. That is breathtaking.

  6.  Way too many great covers this week: ASM, Flash, Punisher, Weapon X, Cowboy Viking Ninja, Viking.

  7. Yeah I liked that Nomad cover a lot.

  8. Aww come on, no Frankencastle love?  That cover is amazing.

  9. @drake – An instance where the cover art PALES in comparison to the sinewy joys of the interior. 

  10. @Paul-Oh yes, very much so.  This is one of those rare instances where the artwork alone is worth the price of admission.  

    Brave and the Bold #29 had a great cover as well 

  11. I’d say the Nomad cover has waaaay more of a Steranko vibe than Kirby.

  12. You’re probably right about that.

  13. Yah it’s not a Kirby looking cover at all.  Jim Steranko style.  Of course most people haven’t read those.  They’re excellent.  Especially Kirby’s 102 issues plus annuals of Fantastic Four.

  14. I never paid much attention to Nomad, but since it has been highlighted here, I feel compelled to ask;  How the hell does a Supreme Court Justice find time to work on a comic book??  🙂

  15. Nice picks.

    Just like Paul, the hellblazer cover made me pick it up. Now I am looking for the last two issues which were done by the cover artist.

  16. Tony Moore needs to do some interiors … man. He is awesome.

  17. Correction: We need Tony Moore to do some interiors.

  18. I’ve heard that the Nomad story was horrible.  However, I really like the cover.  Almost want to buy the story….but I won’t.

  19. Not bad picks, I do like the Nomad cover. But I have a few more suggestions:

    Amazing Spider-Man #612 had a great cover by Djurdjevic. Love the idea of Electro in the eye of Spider-Man’s costume and the lightening hitting the Empire State Building.

    Batman the Unseen #4 had another amazing cover by Kelley Jones. I know he isn’t a fan by much of the ifanbase, but I love his style. When I imagine Batman in my mind, I imagine the design by Jones.

  20. Hellblazer was THIS close to being included, btw.

  21. Why did you ultimately decide that you hated it? 

  22. Stop trolling, Paul! Are you trying to make Josh go all SCANNERS on here? #ReferencesFromBeforePaulWasBorn

  23. I know what SCANNERS is, Dave!

    …from watching Bravo’s 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments…. 

  24. That Underground cover is pretty sweet!  Nice pic.  It really has a bit of an Escher feel to it, that I really enjoy.

    Less is definitely more in this case.  Perfect.

  25. @Paul: Your referencing a bad special when there is a superior ‘100 Films’ list by the channel? 🙂

  26. @TNC – I’m referencing the special the movie actually appeared on. 

  27. Stop referencing and start watching! Scanners! Cronenberg! Headsplode!

  28. That Underground cover is excellent. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Scanners made the top 30 Scary Movies? Bravo and I must have different definitions of scary. 

  29. Reading Paul’s comment several hours later, I laughed heartily.


  30. @stuclach: It was an extension of their top 100 list, so it’s not like it’s that huge on their list.

  31. So it is between 100 and 130.  That seems right.

    @Josh – So we are hashtagging comments on iFanboy now? I’m all over that. #SincerityNotDetected 

  32. It probably doesn’t hold up. But. A. Man’s. Head. Explodes.

    It was awesome when I was a kid.

    Also: Badass Michael Ironside, who I probably knew first from V, but then recognized when watching Scanners later on VHS as a teen.

  33. @daccampo: If the whole film was just a man’s head exploding, then I’m all for it. Sadly, your right the film does not hold up.

  34. @TNC – You’re, dude, you’re. No offense, but that drives me crazy.  My mind forces me to stop reading and correct it.  It is a small change, but it would have a dramatic effect on how people perceive your posts. #SincerityDetected 

  35. I liked the Flash Rebirth cover this week.

  36. There really should be a cover pick of the week selection on the comics page.

  37. Amazing Spiderman 612 has my vote.

  38. that’s some cool art. i’m in!

  39. I liked the Legion of Prophets cover

  40. I further ASM 612

  41. @daccampo–At the time, the head-exploding bit was the most horrifying thing I’d ever seen.  Me and my best bud somehow cajoled his mother into taking us to see it after reading about it in FAMOUS MONSTERS and FANGO.  And Michael Ironside is a total badass, sooo good in Scanners and Starship Troopers and, um, Spacehunter Advs in the Forbidden Zone.

    My pick this week–Supergirl.

  42. Instead of one, you get 3 covers of the week. And still, some will grumble in disagreement!

  43. Since it technically came out this week for my store, I pick Phonogram: The Singles Club #5 as my cover of the week.

  44. Some great covers mentioned (every issue of Batman Unseen has been a  winner. So far as Blackest Night covers go, Tom Mandrake did a fine job on Outsiders #24. Terra’s hair is so creepy.