The Best of the Week in… Covers (11/11/09)

A mighty fine crop this week, I reckon.

Batman and Robin #6
Cover by Frank Quitely

From the guy dressed like a colorful matador parking his bike on top of the dynamic duo to tactile feel of the clothing, there is so much to love about Frank Quitely’s work. The only downside I can think of for this cover is that it only serves to highlight the artistic mess inside.

Amazing Spider-Man #611
Cover by Skottie Young

Skottie Young’s art seems to embody whimsy. I can’t help but smile when I look at his work and this cover is no exception. Deadpool dressing Spider-Man as Cable? That’s funny.

Punisher Max #1
Cover by Dave Johnson

At this point it’s a cliche to say that Dave Johnson is a master when it comes to dynamic cover designs, but as long as he continues to knock us on our asses with these kind of striking designs he’s going to be spending a lot of time in this space.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. Red Robin has a classic look to it’s cover and I love the backround from this weeks BatMan.

  2. The cover of Unwritten #7 is phenomenal.  It immediately reminded me of one of my favorite poems, Robert Browning’s "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came". 

  3. My favorites this week are Playboy’s alternating covers of Joanna Krupa and Chelsea Handler.

  4. I love Frank Quitely, but the bike and pose is directly lifted from the cover of Prince’s Purple Rain.

  5. I’d say the greatness of ASM’s cover also highlights the disappointing art inside, too. Between it and Batman and Robin, I had almost no idea what happened in any of my books this week.

  6. My favorite of the above has to be B&R.  Strange is my favorite cover of the week.

  7. heavyliquid- You don’t like purple rain? I thought everybody liked Prince.

  8. Prince would be proud of Batman & Robin cover

  9. Then Prince and his posse would school the Bat-family in hoops (while still wearing the heels), and afterwards ask them if they want some pancakes.

  10. Why does the B&R cover bring the word FABULOUS! to mind?  Frank Quitely is awesome.  And remember, heavyliquid, it’s not lifting, it’s an homage, and a good one at that.  If I see one more comic cover that uses Michaelangelo’s Pieta as a reference I just might  puke on it.

     I don’t like the Skottie Young superheroes that much.  His Oz stuff was great, but looking at that ASM cover I wonder why only Rob Liefeld gets criticized for not being able to draw feet.  I do however like the concept of the cover with Spidey dressed as Cable.

  11. Can’t say I agree with the B&R pick. Some reason I dont like that cover very much. Maybe it’s just cause it doesnt feel like a Quitely design. Looks more like Tan drew that then Quitely.

    Definitely agree on the other two picks though, those were great covers. It totally went over my head that Deadpool was forcing Spidey to look like Cable. Maybe Wilson really misses Cable right now, I would love to see that story in Deadpool proper.

    Daredevil had a great cover by Esad Ribic. Plus if we could continue the Dave Johnson praise (and if we can count cover trades) the Hardcover for Superman: Red Son was awesome!

  12. all solid picks this week Conor! The interiors of Batman and Robin were indeed a big disappointment but I was blown away by Eric Canete’s interiors for Amazing Spider-Man

  13. @mister j.  No, I think that was Chappelle bro;)

  14. All that weight is crushing Spidey’s feet.

  15. @vadamowens-Hey, Charley Murphy said that Prince did it and that is enough for me!

  16. Booster Gold #26 has a terrific cover this week by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.  Watch out!  It’s Black Lantern Ted Kord.

  17. Is it just me or have almost all the Batman & Robin covers had B&R beaten or bound by the villain?

  18. i liked  Phonogram#5, Supergod#1, HB Wild Hunt#8

  19. Supergod #1, no contest.

  20. For the first time since i think the first or second appearance of this column i pulled all the issues i it. these were all great

  21. I appears the cover of Unwritten is actually referencing the "Song of Roland", not "Childe Roland…", though the Browning may have intended his Roland to be the same on as in the French poem.  Sorry for my mistake.  (The cover still reminds me of "Childe Roland…" probably because I am much more familiar with it.)

  22. Love the Quitely cover. 



    The typography design of the Punisher Max masthead is really impressive

  24. Solid Gold choices this week!  Skottie Young just keeps impressing.

  25. Daredevil was the only cover that seemed to stand out to me this week.  Strange had a nice cover, despite the fact that it means absolutely nothing.

  26. Can’t say I disagree here. Prince is a Comic Book villain! That’s awesome! Skottie Young is one of my favorite artists right now, his work is awesome. That Punisher cover is awesome, however the masthead font looks exactly like the Venture Bros. font.

    Haven’t gotten any of my books yet, sadly. 

  27. I love that Johnson Punisher Covers have something to do with story in side rather than the typical Marvel Pinup Style Cover

  28. PunisherMax #1 ‘s fuckin’ugly! Where’s the Hellboy cover?

  29. yeah, that’s a good point. the hellboy cover was awesome

  30. Sky Doll Doll Factory variant cover’s fantastic!


  31. as I picked up my comics this week I commented to my store’s owner that this was an amazing week for covers – so many gorgeous books. I don’t buy many individual issues but I was very tempted to pick up a whole of issues this week – on the strength of the covers alone. Not just the Batman & Robin issue but some of the other Batman titles this week were beautiful and engaging – as was the Punisher Max issue, The Unwritten 9which I do get) and many many more. 

  32. Since both are up on this thread, here’s a difficult question:

    Who’s been the better cover artist this year? Skottie Young or Dave Johnson?

  33. i gotta say, with all due respect, i’m not a fan of any of these covers.

    usually i’m lovin the picks, guess the choice was limited this week.

     how about….

     red robin, daredevil, unwritten.

  34. I liked this week’s R.E.B.E.L.S. because of its simplicity.

  35. Good picks Conner.

    My favorite thing about that Deadpool cover is Deadpool’s speech balloon.  Genius.

  36. I’m still unable to fully explain why I can’t stand Frank Quitely’s art.

  37. I really was struck by The Super God #1 I had to pick it up based on the cover and premise of the series! Batman #693 cover was cool but Tony Daniel needs to do better art on Interiors! I really liked Red Robin # 6 it suggested Batman with Tim Drake standing on a gargoyle but with a sun setting background which is cool! Those are my personal top three picks!

  38. I agree RE:  Red Robin.  Strange was okay – all that mystical arcane stuff. Not loving the B&R.

  39. I agree that Punisher MAX cover is sick, but the best of the week for me is Daredevil.