The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.23.2011

“Movin’ right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends you can’t lose,
This could become a habit!
Opportunity knocks once let’s reach out and grab it (yeah!),
Together we’ll nab it,
We’ll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it!
(Cab it?)”

— a group of Muppets on their way to a comic shop

All-Star Western #3 cover by Rafa Garres

The three G’s. Hex looks to be carved right from stone here, a true monolith of violence. Perspective demands those guns be absurdly huge, finally proportionate to the dread they inspire. I imagine this image as the POV of a cowering shop keeper or a dying bandit.


B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #3 cover by Dave Johnson

From Russia with loathing. The reverend Johnson delivers again with an elegant propaganda poster for an apocalyptic world. For a wave of shambling demons and unspeakable horrors, this is all exceptionally organized.


Avengers Solo #2 cover by John Tyler Christopher

Not like thi–


Locke & Key Guide to the Known Keys cover by Gabriel Rodriguez

Flying high in a creepy-ass balloon. This one’s spectacular, all starting with the fascinating vantage point. Then there’s the haunting glow of the moon and the haphazard placement of the falling keys. It’s a grand and captivating image rife with mystery, and one of the series’ best.


  1. Love that Hex cover.

  2. You sure that’s Moritat on the Hex cover? Looks a lot like Rafa Garres.

  3. wolverine and the x-men #2 has been bending my mind whenever i look at the cover. i’m not sure how gravity works on that cover (in a good way)

  4. Great covers, i like the lock and key cover. Theres’ something w/ that hawkeye cover. something off, but it’s better then mine 🙂

  5. anyone know what the russian on the BPRD cover says?

  6. My Cover of the week is Easily the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection Hardcover collection. That thing is AMAZING.

    Runner up is Fabio Moon on Dark Horse Presents #6.

  7. One of the few Rafa Garres I actually like. His interiors though? Blah.

  8. That Locke and Key cover just reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. Especially, the KH on the air balloon.

  9. The Hawkeye pic looks like they just inverted it. Maybe he puts a LOT of starch in his skirt thingy.

  10. A rare week when none of the chosen covers really spoke out to me, but then I dont really follow any of these titles either.

    On a funnier note, I’ve been listening to the Alkaline Trio’s take on “Movin’ Right Along” a bunch over the last three days and I was actually singing the song to myself as I opened the page and started reading this.

  11. Not really a fan of Rafa’s style, but I love the concept of the shot.