The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.14.2012

The Best of the Week in Covers keep on picturing their friends and co-workers as golden-brown turkeys simmering in their own juices. Soon, Best of the Week in Covers. Soon.

All-New X-Men #1
By Stuart Immonen

Pinup, yes. But a glorious one. A glorious class photo. Even if it’s a class of filthy, filthy mutants. I think the real best-in-class though is the new logo by Jared K. Fletcher. Very mod and appropriate to the retro themes.

Where is Jake Ellis #1
By Tonci Zonjic

Agent Provocateur comes to mind. The Jake Ellis covers are always refreshing and clean. This one’s even a bit ominous. We dig on the green monochrome and the bold typography.

Thor: God of Thunder #1
By Esad Ribic

Again, disclaimer: I write the AR recaps for this and a few other Marvel NOW! titles, but I’m also on record as a massive Esad Ribic and Thor fan.This one’s part of a larger image which will continue into issue #2, but it works quite well on its own. It’s just so gosh-darned metal, you guys. It’s that sword & sorcery torch passed, without so much as a stutter step from Frazetta to Ribic. We even get a tease of Old King Thor up there. Trust me, character to watch in 2013. Well, you’ve read the book. You know.

Scene of the Crime Deluxe HC
By Michael Lark

There’s not nearly enough Michael Lark in our lives. There just isn’t. As if we needed reminding that Lark’s one of the most valuable artists in the crime genre, we’ve got this bruised and wild-eyed confrontation. This one’s also got one of my all-time favorite design elements in the form of telephone poles and wires. They make anything look better, let alone an amazing portrait like this.


  1. Confirmed. Paul is an anti-mutant hate monger!


  2. I almost bought All-New X-Men for the cover…

  3. Nice picks for this week!

    Also, in regards to Marvel’s AR, I’m finding these tricky to maneuver, but worth the vexation. Also, I accidently figured out the cover’s are also a part of the AR experience.

    Has anyone else given the Marvel’s AR a go?

  4. alright, fine! i’ll pick up thor next week! get off of my back will ya, world?!?

  5. Zonjic & Ribic go the Croats both phenomenal artists interior & cover!

  6. The Scottie Young variant to All New X-Men #1 is one of my favorite covers of all time. It just screams being a kid to me.

  7. Love that All New X-Men cover, really liked the Batman cover this week too.

  8. Great covers this week all-around.

  9. Every single one of these are amazing, a great week for comics and covers!

  10. Anyone else notice the circles behind the All New X-Men logo are a hydrogen atom? As in children of the atom. Pretty neat I though.