The Best of the Week in Covers – 10/20/2010

Sometimes covers are really provocative, even to the point where shop keepers have to store them in brown paper. Like that issue of Firestorm with John Lennon and Yoko Ono posing naked on the front. Nothing like that this week.

Here's a few of our favorites: 

Morning Glories #3

Cover by Rodin Esquejo

Hellooooo, Nurse. Just a tremendous use of light and dark here, allowing shadow to model the forms to a level bordering on photo-real. Especially in the fabric. A great extreme closeup in terms of filling the frame with content. 


Fame: Justin Bieber #1

Cover by Michal Szyksznian

Harkening back to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince, this whimsical portrait of teen heartthrob Just Bieber does well to capture his meteoric rise. A near fisheye perspective suggests he may even be too big for the comet he's riding. I really just like those stars. 


Batman Beyond #5

Cover by Dustin Nguyen (?)

No, it's not a student council campaign poster for Yummy Mummy, it's another one of those great socialist-inspired revolution covers. We'll probably never get tired of these. 


DMZ #58

Cover by John Paul Leon

Speaking of revolution, how about a bold new DMZ cover replete with ominous helicopters and some truly vibrant vandalism in progress? This one's all about the contrast of super-saturated color against a totally achromatic cityscape. Toto, we're not in the demilitarized zone anymore. 



  1. Did that issues of Justin Bieber include the argument he got in with 12 year olds playing laser tag?

    All joking aside, I thought Hellblazer’s cover was awesome this week.

  2. I do not know what this column’s policies on variants is, but the B&R variant by Gleeson was good enough to almost get me to shell out the extra cash

  3. I love the Batman Beyond cover.

    The cover on Fables #99 was extremely creepy and extremely good. 

  4.  Christina Hendricks stars as the Nurse in Morning Glories.

  5. Please tell me that Bieber cover is a joke……please tell me it’s a joke.

    Not a fan of the Morning Glories cover either. (In a more serious way) The coloring looks really off putting and the pencils themselves doesn’t look that striking. But agree/disagree.

    Deadpool #28 had a pretty good cover. I would think someone anti-Deadpool would point out how Dave Johnson made Capt’N’ Steve kick Wilson where the sun don’t shine. Also, probably the worst cover of the week is from Carnage #1. Clayton can usually do good covers in terms of his CG style……but man that cover really puts me off from buying it. 

  6. Hate to say it, but the Bieber cover is actually good. The Morning Glories cover reminds me of classic horror movies for some reason. Not sure why.

  7. That DMZ cover is amazing. Definitely my fave of this batch. Great art and design.

  8. Fables #99 was my favorite cover this week.

  9. @Anson17, Yeah, I love the fact that Rodin bought color into the cover, which make it feel modern with the old horror feel. The rec lighting illuminating the foreground parts are awesome.

  10. Really nice to see the love for JP Leon..and did anyone notice the details at the bottom of the Fables cover…is that a rape depiction (or almost) on the front cover of a DC comic?

  11. I purchased Irving’s variant to B&R 15. I know it’ll be in the back of the hc, but I couldn’t resist. I had avoided variants with ease this year. …till now. Any look into the Jokers head is a must.

  12. That Batman Beyond cover is great, but what about the GL Corp variant cover of Soranik Nato’s tatooed back?  That was amazing.