The Best of the Week in Covers – 10/13/2010

If you make a chain of all the great covers in history and wrap it around the world, you're littering. 

Here's a few of the terrific covers on stands right now: 

Strange Tales II #1

Cover by Rafael Grampa

Rafael Grampa took a pretty standard group shot and made it into something totally refreshing and downright spectacular. And all he had to do was be himself. 


Doc Savage #7

Cover by J.G. Jones

Dime novel chills (for many, many dimes)!


Thor: The Mighty Avenger #5

Cover by Chris Samnee

Thor TMA is an all ages book, but far from a guilty pleasure. The only thing it's guilty of is poolside horseplay. 


  1. Grampa kind of reminds me of Pope, and that is a wicked avengers assemble cover!

  2. Namor looks like a dweeb

  3. I love Thor’s tennis shoes.

  4. I really liked the Hellblazer cover.

    That Doc Savage cover oozes Indiana Jones style fun.  Nice pick.

  5. I love that Grampa updated Thor’s crazy kirby boots into really really high top chucks. It works waaay better than it has any right to. So awesome.

  6. Something about that Thor cover rubs me the wrong way. I can’t say why or what; but it has to do with the face for Namor. Looks off…

    Strange Tales II #1 was easily the best cover of the week. If there is anyone that is going to go places thanks to this series it will be Grampa. 

  7. Logan’s legs are reeeeeaallllyyy hairy in that Strange Tails cover. Somebody get him some pants!

  8. I cannot believe the regular cover of G.I. Joe Origins #20 by Tom Feister (the one with Cobra Commander and all the kids) didn’t make the list! That has to be my favorite cover of the year!

  9. @Weakly Roll:  To me, Grampa = Pope + Darrow.  This is not a complaint.

  10. I saw the cover for Strange Tales at the shop and bought it just based on the cover alone.  Another win for Grampa.

  11. Agreed, the Strange Tales II cover was great.

    I also liked the look of Irredeemable,

    and Tiny Titan / Little Archie was just pure fun!