The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.19.2011

How do you call your cover boy?
Come ‘ere, cover boy!
And if he doesn’t answer?
Ohh, cover boy!
And if he still doesn’t answer?
I simply say, Baby. Oohh baby. My sweet baby. You’re the one.

Batman #2 cover by Greg Capullo

I’m reminded of my ill-spent youth in the BErkshires, playing motorcycle-helicopter tag with my cousins Bertie and Florence. Oh, how we’d rack up property damage and citations.


Conan: Road of Kings #9 cover Aleksi Briclot

The banner is a tad too large, but Conan’s sword-arm makes for great visual interest. These clowns should never have spoilt the season finale of Breaking Bad for the sullen-eyed reaver.




Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1 cover by Phil Jimenez

This cover garners a showcase for the sheer nerdocity of its concept and the level of gravitas leveled at the viewer. It can not be overstated. Chameleon Boy and Leonard McCoy are on the same cover.


DC Universe Presents Deadman #2 cover by Ryan Sook

They say, “You are what you regurgitate.” Especially true in the case of former acrobat and member of the human race, Boston Brand. It’s a creepy visual made all the more interesting with the Saul Bass inspired logo and shattered glass background.


  1. And now that song’s stuck in my head. Fantastic.

    That Deadman cover is almost enough to make me give DCU Presents another chance. Almost.

  2. The art on the Batman cover is great, but I think the BATMAN logo looks amateur- like it came off of the flyer of a bad eighties metal band.

    • I agree, luckily the book is rad. But the logo is pretty lame. They should have a contest to see if the public can come up with a better design–which shouldn’t be difficult–and then use the new one. Seriously DC. You don’t even have to give me credit for the idea.

    • The logo is unsigned myspace band quality….and that may be too much of an insult to indie bands. Its just inappropriate for the content and visually disgusting. I HATE it so much..i want to punch that logo in the face.

      Type out the word “Batman” in Helvetica…ok even Arial and you’ll have better design than this.

      @turtlesanwich—thats called “crowdsourcing” and is quite a common trend in corporate America right now especially with pop culture branding. Instead of hiring a professional designer like myself, multi Billion dollar corporations like IBM and The Gap ask the public to design them logos for free and call it a “contest”. Its a giant problem in the creative industry. More clients are seeing the strategy backfire, as the designs are often generic, derivative and sometimes outright stolen.

  3. Capullo has been doing an awesome job on this title thus far. Along with the action scenes, the city scapes with Wayne Tower and the guardians struck my fancy the most

  4. Sook ftw.

  5. DCU Presents Deadman #1 wasn’t very gripping, it’s def a comic that I’m dropping and after the whole Brightest Day arc I thought i’d enjoy reading about him.

  6. As a print designer, I have to ask: Do these guys not pay attention to the pdf or whatever the file is before they export them to .jpegs? That’s the second DC cover I’ve seen that has the issue # and price fonts default out. And I bet the “DC presents” part is in the same font and defaulted out, as well.

  7. Hey, where’s the cover for American Vampire Survival of the Fittest #5? That was my favorite cover this week.