The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.10.2012

Live! From New York! It’s the Best of the Week in Covers!

Point of Impact #1
By Koray Kuranel

As an instant, visceral reaction, my mind immediately went to that Cerebus: High Society paperback I first saw in my family lake house in New Jersey. There’s that starkness to the black and white image, the imperiousness of the city. But then you scan lower and find that beautiful impressionist swirl of light. Reminded of Edouard Cortes and his rain-dappled cityscapes. Oh, and someone’s being murdered! Ghastly. But also, exciting!

Batman #13
By Greg Capullo

“Alright, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my closeup! Ahhhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!”


Punk Rock Jesus #4
By Sean Murphy

Inverted cross. Inverted guitar. Sumptuous anarchy.

Stumptown vol. 2 #2
By Matthew Southworth

From the blood-red tones to the emptiness of the recording studio, it’s a weirdly ominous scene. The real momentum though is in the empty guitar stand. That’s a call to action. Love the cover treatment for this volume.



  1. All great covers! I found Stumptown extremely striking on the shelves at my LCS.

  2. Had a dream I had a Les Paul again and then I dropped it on its headstock. Snap. Premonition of today’s guitar-oriented cover gallery? Hmm…..

  3. I’ve loved all the covers for Punk Rock Jesus. I like that Batman cover way better than the die-cut thing.

  4. Fuck those are some beautiful guitars.

  5. You found a High Society paperback in your family lake house? Whose was it? Did you share the house with another family or was it a Montgomery possession? I have so many questions.

    • It would’ve been one of my older cousins’ books. Maybe from the used book store in town. It’s a mystery!

    • @Paul – After a second reading, I realize you meant Dave Sim’s High Society, not the magazine by the same name. I was starting to wonder what kinds of going-ons took place at the cabin….and why I wasn’t invited 😉