The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.14.2011

Covers, man. Covers.

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #4 cover by Sean Phillips

Aw, he’s blushing. To be honest, not my favorite Criminal cover, but less than stellar Sean Phillips is still better than 95% of that new release wall.


Unwritten #29 Cover by Yuko Shimizu

Meanwhile over at Vertigo, super-adaptioid Yuko Shimizu beats ’em at their own game. Classic pulp composition, with a mirror employed for dramatic effect. Love that dress. Love the tattered comics pages in the place of strewn money. Even the text blurbs and price listing are great, lending the book a crime magazine aesthetic. Add this to the shortlist for best of the year.


Uncanny X-Force #15 by Esad Ribic

Good cripes, these colors. It’s like getting punched in the neck by the Kool Aid man. In a great way.


Batwoman #1 by J.H. Williams III

If there’s anything off about this splendid image, it’s the illusion-breaker that Kate Kane is actually just holding her nose to keep back the rotten fish smell. Which is less sexy and mysterious than you want this alluring composition to be.



  1. Did you guys see the cover to Optic Nerve #12?

  2. The Unwritten cover is superb!

  3. With The Unwritten the thing about the dress is how the bottom of it “spills” out on to the bed
    The gun on top of the flowing red- Murder.

  4. The Unwritten and Criminal covers could be a before and after shot. Geez. Great covers all around.

  5. Sean Phillips is a true master of the art.

  6. I hoped that Unwritten cover would be here. It is stupendous.

  7. good catch on the nose plug!

  8. The woman depicted on the Criminal cover is better drawn, I think, but the retro-aged Unwritten cover just plain captures it. Great stuff.

  9. While the Batwoman cover is indeed great, I can’t help but notice the location of the gaping nose hole on the skull, take a close look guys and enjoy!

  10. AAARRGGGHHH! How does Ivan Reis’ amazing Resurrection Man cover not make it. I loved it!

  11. If that’s Betty from Archie in the Criminal cover then I’ll be buying more Archie in the future…

  12. Love the odor-sensitive Batwoman cover. Loved the JoChen Buffy cover, too, herself herself perched on the Golden Gate. Cool.

  13. great covers. i really love the noir style covers.

  14. I REALLY need to start reading The Unwritten.