The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.05.2012

Great covers. Some of them are sexy. Some of them are scary. Some of them are both because they feature giant insects.

…I’ve already said too much…

X-Factor #243
By David Yardin

Cry Havok. A lot of cool things happening in this image, from the lush colors to Havok’s luminous concentric circles, to the somewhat unusual and haphazard way the negative space operates. I’m not sure if there’s a thematic reason for Polaris’ T-zone to exhibit such detail when her hair and arms are merely forms without interior nuance. But that doesn’t keep it from looking visually interesting. The same goes for Magneto, who’s rendered almost entirely in shadow definition. All in all, a striking composition with bold geometry.

Archer & Armstrong #2
By Arturo Lozzi & Patrick Zircher

While I dig on the overall line work, color and typography, this one made the week’s list almost purely for narrative reasons. It’s just an amusing character introduction. More of a relationship introduction, really. I also like that it shows how tone and context usher this a polar shift’s distance from that iconic image of Sin City‘s Marv, despite their mutual hides full of pointy things.

The Defenders #10
By Joe Quinones

Part of it’s the ant portrait in the roster box, but that’s just a fraction of the fun in this terrific Quinones image. It’s on that razor’s edge between wacky expression and dramatic pomp. It’s also refreshing in that comic covers so often rely on the head-on portrait mode or 3/4 view and only rarely embrace a genuine profile composition like this one. The attention to perspective and depth totally sell it, and it’s a pitch perfect crop. When it all comes down to it though, you have to love Iron Fist’s hustle.

Fairest #7
By Adam Hughes

“This isn’t what it looks like. Except…it totally is.”

Bloodshot #3
By Esad Ribic

I adore what Ribic’s been doing with dramatic lighting lately. And beyond the surprising and inspired color choices, there’s also this spectacular film grain aesthetic happening. Take this or that recent Punisher MAX cover and look at the biggest, highest resolution file you can find. The image is alive with grain. It’s beautiful.


  1. Joe Quinones absolutely KILLED on that Defenders cover. Killed.

  2. Yardin has, without much fanfare, been doing some superb covers for that series. Also, ever since Wednesday Comics, I’ve wanted to see as much Joe Quinones as I can.

  3. I would love to see Iron Fist always run like that from now on.

    • Not for nothing – but Red She-Hulk is the type that will knock you out of the way to hasten her retreat. She will flat out trample you in order to get away.

  4. Great to see the X-Factor covers get some love, they’ve been on a roll with amazing covers lately.

    I haven’t noticed some of the other covers in the stores right away, but that’s why I love this column: I catch things that I’d normally miss. Plus, Paul’s commentary of the art is second to none. It truly pushes the fun of the column to the next level.

  5. These are nice. I also really like the Hawkeye cover. It’s too cool for school.

    • I like a lot of the ideas in that cover, but as with the first one, the placement of elements is just a way’s off. I’ve found it’s an uphill battle getting me to dig on a cover with that much white in it. I think the Defenders cover has just the right balance.

    • There’s probably enough material for an additional “Near Misses” feature each week. I don’t want to pick on stuff though. It’s just…off.

    • Perfectly understandable. I think I understand what you mean concerning the Defenders cover. Thank you for the response.

  6. I can’t help but look at the Archer & Armstrong cover and imagine Archer saying, “Okay…maybe one more arrow will do it.”

  7. I think it’s safe to assume no DC Zero Issues will make this list this month, given the bland, uniform cover treatment.

  8. GI Joe and Savage Dragon are a couple more groovy covers this week.

  9. Iron Fist Hustle should be a dance.

    C’mon everybody! Do the Iron Fist Hustle!

    See? It rolls right off the tongue.

  10. Adam Hughes’ Fairest cover is the sexiest disturbing image I’ve ever seen,

  11. Every Fairest cover has just been amazing so far. Can’t get enough of Hughes drawing females. Should tap him to do interiors for Birds of Prey. That would make my day.

  12. Where’s Mind the Gap four? That was by far the best looking cover this week.

  13. The Defenders cover was so totally awesome…and yes…that Iron Fist hustle

  14. That Bloodshot cover looks awesome. My favorite cover of the week is “Peter Cannon Thunderbolt” #1. It’s amazing I just stare at it for a few moments whenever I come across it.

  15. I didn’t think Ribic could outdo his X-0 Manowar cover. God damn!

  16. Hawkeye didn’t make it? I’m really shocked!