The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.24.2011

Covers are like first impressions on a blind date. In that first glance you should be able to tell just how much Batman you’ll be in for tonight.

Xombi #6 cover by Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving needs some kind of government commendation for his work on this woefully under-the-radar book. Let’s see you match this kind of lightshow, Thomas Kinkade!

Superman Beyond #0 Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Superman is ready to take on the Maschinenmensch is his own raygun gothic German expressionist film! A stunning vision of Neo-Metropolis.

JLA Retroactive - The 90s by Kevin Maguire

DC’s Retroactive event goes out with a bang! It really is a heckuva cover, and it’s loaded with JLI goodness. A very welcome blast from the past.

Batman Inc. #8 Cover by Chris Burnham

Gotham finally gets a 5G network. There’s a lot of artists cranking out Batman covers right now. None of them are delivering the consistent 5 star product that Burnham has made his staple.

Justice Society of America #54 Cover by Darwyn Cooke

Oh, Alan. But otherwise we’re looking at a milestone cover with its own John Williams fanfare.



  1. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Looks like it’s time to add this Kevin Maguire cover to the ongoing list ! Man, he’s done this type of cover a lot over the years.

    The only thing marring that Justice Society of America cover is that Alan Scott outfit. Yuck.

    But those Xombi and Batman Inc. covers? Amazing. I love seeing art that glows.

    • since when did Alan Scott wear armor(with the glowing chest plate?)
      otherwise,great cover by DC

    • I would say the real problem with the JSA cover is that he drew Courtney’s face on Jesse and Jesse’s face on Courtney

    • Alan Scott’s armor is basically the lantern casing when you look at it. A couple months back he was paralyzed and the only way he could survive was becoming infused with his lantern/Starheart, or something like that. It was all pretty face-palm inducing.

      I do absolutely love that cover, though.

  2. Batman Inc. looks like an episode of Spider-Man Unlimited.

  3. that’s actually a pretty kick ass set of covers

  4. I really like all of these. The Justice League cover looks like Frank Quitely art (and that’s a very good thing). Is that what Kevin Maguire’s art typically looks like. I can’t seem to remember what else I’ve seen him on.

  5. Man, there was no better choice for the final JSA cover than Darwyn. Perfect.

  6. Anything Cooke does is legendary

  7. I was excited to see that Nguyen cover on “Superman,” but realized that it was the biggest bait-and-switch in history, since the interiors were by the old “Thunderstrike” team of Frenz and Buscema. No disrespect intended toi Ron and Sal, of course.

    • No… “the biggest bait-and-switch in history” has to go to “Invaders Now”…

      Alex Ross cover, interior artist listed as “Reis”… Turns out to be some guy called “Carlos Reis” NOT the spectacularly better “Ivan Reis”…

      I’m a sucker for any Invaders titles or tie-ins, but that was hard to read – purely because of the artwork…

  8. My favorite cover is the Deadpool one by Dave Johnson. Now there is a book where the outside is better than the inside.

  9. I love the juxtaposition of the Xombi and Superman covers. Similar pose, complimentary colors, one rounded lines the other hard and angular. And both so awesome.

  10. I have loved all of the Batman, Inc. covers, but I gotta say that the variant this week was better than the regular cover this week. This week’s variant was one of myf avorite covers this year. The Batman logo on that thing is just beautiful.

  11. Frazer Irving for me. All the Xombie covers (and interiors) have been amazing. God I’ve enjoyed this comic. I wish it had enough sales numbers for Vertigo to keep it going.