The Best of the Week in Covers – 07.24.2013

Basically, there’s three grabbers, three taggers, five twig runners, and a player at Whackbat. Center tagger lights a pine cone and chucks it over the basket and the whack-batter tries to hit the cedar stick off the cross rock. Then the twig runners dash back and forth until the pine cone burns out and the umpire calls hotbox. Finally, you count up however many score-downs it adds up to and divide that by nine. That’s the Best of the Week in Covers.

Young Avengers_8

Young Avengers #8
Cover by Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

A terrific representation of the alternative visions of the multiverse. Cool that Ms. Chavez has drastically different forms depending on the reality, whereas someone like Prodigy looks pretty much the same from dimension to dimension.


Mind MGMT_13

Mind MGMT #13
Cover by Matt Kindt

Stepford chilling and watercolor elegant.



Wolverine & the X-Men #33
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Sometimes playing with your food has an aesthetic value. Wonderful scale and fine detail. More importantly, an irresistible call to adventure.


The Dream Merchant_3

The Dream Merchant #3
Cover by Konstantin Novosadov

Color and typography elevates this one into the stratosphere. Dreamy.


Hawkeye Annual #1
Cover by Javier Pulido

My late grandmother collected masks like these. It was never not creepy. I once saw her at a flea market choosing between four or five designs, ultimately purchasing the most harrowing one in the bunch. Anyways, nothing else on the shelves looks quite ┬álike this. It’s like a Criterion cover.



  1. I love that Hawkeye cover… I always sit in my vehicle and look through all of my covers again with my son after leaving the shop. This week, that cover really jumped out and both of us. It’s almost…mesmerizing.

  2. “What? They don’t have whackbat on your side of the river?”

    Very glad to see some love for Mind MGMT. Kindt’s watercolor work continues to amaze me with every issue. I love the Young Avengers cover as well.

    The Hawkeye cover is quite striking. And you’re right, it does look like the cover to a Criterion edition of some previously obscure Japanese 60s youth in crisis film . . .

  3. That Mind MGMT cover reminds me of Betty Draper shooting birds in the backyard.

  4. I just read Super Spy. I think I have to pick up the first collection of Mind MGMT this week.

  5. what no flash cover?

  6. Oh I hope they collect the Hawkeye annual in the trades. Floppies suck!

  7. Talk about burying the lead… we need more (MUCH more) on Paul’s grandmother.

  8. That Young Avengers cover! The amalgamation of the different universes makes it look like a male Hawkeye with a female body. Could it be a subtle nod from McKelvie to the Hawkeye initiative? (note that Hawkeye is the only character on the cover with a clearly gender-bent alternate universe version)