The Best of the Week in Covers – 07.06.2011

There's more than one way to eat a cover. 

Northlanders: Metal TP

Cover by Massimo Carnevale

The landscape here reminds me of the darker hemispheres of Third Earth from the Thundercats closing credits, what with those jutting obsidian crags and the marbled red sky. The color work here is of another time, and even the typography lends a level of excitement.  


Jonah Hex #69

Cover by Jeff Lemire

It's hard to choose which of these two is scarier or surlier looking. The buzzard or Hex. This is a hellish marriage of artist and subject matter that's been a long time coming. It was worth the wait. 


X-23 #12

Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

A great composition that keeps on delivering. Providing full color detail only to the principal characters of Wolverine, Gambit and X-23 is an ingenious means of executing this mob scene. Look closer and you'll note that the ornate shapes in the background are actually the the framework of the Eiffel Tower and that the figures in the mob include French police and a mime. 


Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom #7

Cover by Michael Komarck

Seriously. I can't get over how right these cover treatments feel. The Big Two need to take notes on how to dress their events. This also makes me thirsty. Not even for what's in my own refrigerator. I need to hop down to the Wawa and see if they carry individual pouches of Capri Sun. 


  1. That Northlanders cover is positively dripping with cool.

  2. That Hex Cover is so creepy. I love those colors, really stands out. The Doctor Solar covers are always an exercise in very well done. 

    I’d also like to nominate Blue Estate with its Playbill + Cheesecake girl cover…just an amazing painting as well as the Red Skull cover was also really sweet. 

  3. I loooved the Flashpoint: Batman cover this week.

  4. @shiveringking8  I liked that one, too.

  5. Really like that Doctor Solar cover!

  6. @PaulMontgomery – They don’t. Unless you pick up a Lunchables.

  7. Really shocked that Red Skull: Incarnate wasn’t on there.  One of those covers that was so pretty I want to hang it on my wall…but I don’t want people to think I’m a Nazi, so I won’t do that.

  8. The hex cover was incredible, how Lemire has time to write and draw sweet tooth and do an issue of Hex is beyond me

    Loved the Chew cover, i started laughing as soon as i saw it

  9. @PaulMontgomery Great choices, but i would’ve definitely added the cover of Red Skull: Incarnate #1 to this list.

  10. I 2nd The Red Skull propaganda-esque cover but am digging all these choices. Never read Doctor Solar Man of the Atom but this cover intrigues my already present curiosity.

  11. No Emma frost in a straight jacket?