The Best of the Week in Covers – 06/16/2010

Covers are a many-spledoured thing. Which is actually a novel about race relations in China. Betty Draper read it and TOTALLY didn't get it.

So, covers, yeah?


DC Universe Legacies #2 (Variant)

cover by J.H. Williams

Williams is an absolute chameleon. Jack of all trades and master of every single one too. He's aping a few different styles and techniques (though I lack the history to point them all out). Just look at the definition in the Shining Knight and scan over to TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite on either side of him; you'd swear it was the work of two different artists. Major credit to colorist Dave Stewart who most likely plays a major role in that contrast. This maxi-series is such a fun and light-hearted romp through ages, and this variant does a great job of capturing that enthusiasm. Or at least it attempts to, as the Seven Soldiers burst forth from the interior.


Amazing Spider-Man #634 (Variant)

cover by Lenil Francis Yu

Tabloid typography aside, this is genuinely lovely cover with a great water color aesthetic. The perspective is nicely skewed, without feeling like actual distortion. But it's just enough to lend an feeling of uneasiness to the composition. And it should be that way, because we're talking about the memory of Kraven's Last Hunt, a landmark story from the Spider-Man mythos. Love the big cheesy hunter's moon, the blotchy colors, and that wicked dagger. It's also kind of cool that this is such a departure from the other top notch ASM cover (633) also out this week. This and Bachalo's take on the character couldn't be more different, but they both totally work.


R.E.B.E.L.s #17

cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Okay, the distressed logo kind of looks like this could be an ad for teen boys' denim at Kohls, but I do kind of love the image of Vril Dox backed up by Thanagarian Robert Palmer girls.


Fables #96

cover by Joao Ruas

This one almost gets top honors on just the numbering typography alone. There are few books with as consistently elegant a look as Fables, and what Ruas has been doing with this Rose Red arc has been nothing short of spectacular. Especially when you consider that each issue has been a variation on a theme, with a consistent color palette of subdued reds, cremes, and earthy greens. There's something a little bit jarring about the placement of the title logo in the center there, but I'm not sure where else I'd place it without upsetting the balance. It's definitely a haunting image, but also totally whimsical with the wispy tendrils of hair and the floating rose petals. Creepy gorgeous.


Whatchu cats like?


  1. Fables cover is beautiful.

  2. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but I have to shout out Amanda Conner’s ‘Black Cat.’  Anybody who wants an object lesson in, umm, good sexy vs. bad sexy should compare Conner’s work to the J. Scott Campbell variant.

    And I also loved Daniel Acuna’s ‘Black Widow’ cover, with Widow fighting Elektra.  If Matt Murdock read comics, that would be his favorite comic ever.

  3. I know it says Mike Fyles on the cover for Spidey but I could swear that it is acctually leinil Yu. Then I noticed it actually says Leinil on one of the tombstones and well… I think there is an error in there somewhere.

     All lovely covers however, I particularly like the fables and rebels covers. One is sexy, one is beautiful, but which is which?!

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Good catch. It does look like Yu, albeit with a very different coloring style than I’m used to. Can’t seem to find consistent credits for this one. 

  5. No love for the hellblazer Cover?

  6. The Fables cover is great, especially the numbering. 

  7. I think if you go to the very back at the bottom of the letters page in ASM that it says the cover is by Yu, I think the tombstone is a dead giveaway.

  8. Geez! That Fables cover! My goodness!

  9. That Fables cover is amazing and haunting.

  10. Actually not a big fan of the variant for DCU: Legacies. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t stand out for me.

    The Pile: Mad Hatter #1 had a wonderful Sinkiewinciz cover! Shame it went all downhill….FAST….once we opened the book.

    The Rest: The Spirit seems to be a good, b-level, title for DC right now. With Ladroon’s cover for The Spirit #3 I really wish I didn’t wait for trade on it. Great team for this title. Paul didn’t pick Darkwing Duck #1? Come on….it’s Darkwing Duck!

    The Worst: Actually nothing really bad this week. I could go on a rant with another Granov cover, but I won’t.

    Best Trade Cover: Batman RIP. More love for Alex Ross? Yes please! Seriously though, one of his best Batman drawings for me. Just so iconic. 

  11. Best cover of the week was the Black Cat one. Channels the 70’s movie posters. Fables is good, too.

  12. @MisterShaw The Black Cat cover reminded me of the 100th anniversary edition James Bond covers

  13. That Fables cover is amazing.

  14. How long has James Jean been off of “Fables” covers? This looks fantastic!

  15. @Heroville Yes! Exactly!

  16. I HATE VARIANTS! (only because I don’t buy them) I love most of the art of variants though.  Why can’t they just be equally distributed! Aaargh!

    also, is Fables ever not a cover of the week(not that it shouldn’t be)


  18. That Spider-Man cover is the best Leinil Yu art I’ve ever seen in my life.

    The DC Universe cover is an interesting lesson in great-looking art in a cover that does absolutely nothing for me. Weird. 🙂

    That Fables cover is fuckin’ *beautiful*.


  19. All those covers are amazing, but my favourite was the Mad Hatter special – I adore Sienkiewicz and this was a great design, nicely executed. Loved the interiors too.