The Best of the Week in… Covers (06/03/09)

The comic book cover.  The last, best chance that a book has to catch a potential reader’s eye.  So why is it that so many are just so bland and cookie-cutter?  The world may never know.  On the other hand, without all the boring and uninspired covers, we would probably appreciate the good ones less. 

Which covers really impressed this week?

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3
Cover by Mike McKone

I like this cover a lot.  It’s probably the most dynamic of the week.  Mike McKone make a great use of perspective to cause the image to leap off the page.  I haven’t seen it so effectively used in a long time.  Probably since Brian Bolland’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe entry for The Joker back when it was in loose leaf form.
Irredeemable #3
Cover by John Cassaday (with Laura Martin)

Oh, crap – the Plutonian’s still pissed!  Like the cover shown above, this one leaps off the page right at you.  I shouldn’t be surprised, because it’s master cover artist John Cassaday, and he really should be a master at this point since that’s pretty much all he does in comics at this point.

War of Kings #4
Cover by Brandon Peterson

The thing that I like best about this cover is that as soon as I saw it, I said “whoa!”  Blackbolt looks seriously pissed and that’s probably a bad thing for everyone involved in the War of Kings.  What a fantastically haunting, terrifying, and powerful depiction of a strong central character in the image.

That’s all for this week, let’s see what comic covers have in store for us next week!


  1. I really have to agree with the Deadpool cover. I am a big Deadpool fan, and I just ended up starting at the cover and admiring it. It is my favorite cover this week. Besides Dark Avengers 5. I love the look of that one as well.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Batman & Robin #1. It was simple, but bold and kind of iconic. Plus, Quitely…

  3. Is Deadpool holding a laser rifle?  How are we seeing reflections in the barrel of the gun?

  4. Eh those covers are okay. When I was looking to see what I liked….not a whole lot stood out for me. Pretty meh when it comes to covers.

    You know what the worst cover was though?

    Wolverine: Revolver

  5. Wow, you didn’t include Batman and Robin.  I quite like when y’all do a cover round up.  WIsh you’d do em more often, but can’t complain.  I also really liked the cover of chew.

  6. I’m guessing Deadpool’s holding a telescope. Other than that reflection, the perspective if awesome.

  7. I was very happy to see Brandon Peterson doing backgrounds on the WoK cover this week.  All of his recent ones (WoK, WoK: Darkhawk & Ascension) have been pretty boring with a bunch of heads/figures with fire in the backgrounds.  It was good to change it up.

  8. I have to agree with Gabe and BrianBaer.  The covers you picked are nice, but the Batman and Robin cover was very striking.  I really like the contrasting solid color background.

  9. the deadpool cover looks like its a wide angle lense thats done it! whoa!

  10. I love the War of Kings cover.

  11. meh

  12. @ Brian :  That Batman Cover is awful

  13. John Cassaday will return with Mark Millar, most likely.

    Mark Millar, master of comics, only way to bring in Cassaday.

    Next 6 months, there will be an announcement, I predict.

  14. Interesting choices. You seem to be an art enthusiast as evidenced by the fine art paintings hanging in your living room. You have many visual artists in your family do you not? My wife is a fine artist ( and I’m a graphic designer. We both like comics and their covers of course!

    Personally, I think the War of Kings and Deadpool is a great choice. Blackbolt’s arms out cuts up the picture plane nicely with the horizontal logo there. And the pose does look rather god-like and "haunting as you put it. For your third choice, I think Irredeemable works pretty much only if you have read the first few issues. Otherwise it is a rather generic "flying towards the camera mean looking no background superhero shot". It is a fine drawing and it is eye catching but one of many we’ve seen.

    I liked The Mighty #5. Super strong design sense but without losing it’s "sketchiness". Tells a story and makes you wanna know how the hell that happened and why. And having the logo run along the side of the book instead of the top gives the Dave Johnson more room to do his thing while being easily identifiable in a sea of books. I also loved SCalped this week and Tom Coker’s Daredevil Noir.

    I like art.

  15. Hey yeah wait a tic….What is Deadpool holding? If it’s a telescope why does it have a smaller lense on top? If it’s a gun it doesnt make any sense…Hope someone got fired for that blunder 🙂

  16. Deadpool needs that red-dot pointing thingy? That just ruined my world. They jumped the shark – he’s not the Punisher.

  17. @TNC: you hope someone got fired? Have a heart dude.

  18. I really like the Deadpool cover, but I almost thought Daredevil’s right foot was his —-


    umm nevermind…

  19. deadpool is so wasome he can kill you with a science instrument. THATS why he friggin rules. im shocked that conor admitted that something deadpool related was good. i think my work is done here

  20. Man everyone’s pissed this week

  21. I would have to say that the variant for Batman & Robin #1 is by far the best of the week! For those of us who got one anyway!

  22. @Heroville – beer is a great invention indeed.

  23. Clearly Deadpool stole some super secret weapon that none of us are cool enough to understand from Norman Osborne’s cache.  Whatever weapon it is, it makes for some great cover art.


    I second the Wolverine cover being, by far, the worst this week.  

  24. Never read it, but the cover to Skaar really caught my eye this week.

    @akamuu That Wolverine cover is pretty odd. What’s with the teeth? That being said, it was still on my pull list. 

  25. even though I’m not reading it, I have to go with Black Bolt.  That’s a sweet-ass cover!!!

  26. The variant of B&R was awesome!

  27. I’m torn between Deadpool and Blackbolt but I think that there might be a tad too much of a "I am your saviour" vibe going on in the Blackbolt cover so my vote goes to Deadpool. Outside of these three I’d definately vote for the Batman & Robin it was brilliant as many have stated before.

  28. Come on guys (& gals), what is the big deal with the reflection on the end of Deadpool’s rifle? You suspend belief for everything else in the Marvel Universe (Professor X worst leader ever) and yet you pick on a coolest part of the Deadpool cover. When is the last time you saw Daredevil and The Punisher at each other’s throats?

    Not reading War of Kings currently but the Black Bolt cover is pretty sweet.

  29. Yeah, Batman and Robin’s Quitely concoction was my favourite too but I never looked at them all. Nice piece, Conor.

  30. love war of kings cover!!