The Best of the Week in Covers – 05.11.2011

Covers. They'll keep you warm at night. 


The Lone Ranger: The Death of Zorro #3

Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Kids in the 50s only wish they had it this good. 




Northlanders #40

Cover by Massimo Carnevale   

Bambi, told Rashomon style. By a modern N.C. Wyeth. 




Elephantmen #31

Cover by Boo Cook         

Stark and disturbing. This image just latches on and sticks with you all day long. 




Punisher Max #13

Cover by Dave Johnson             

A really nice bit of symmetry here, with a brilliant use of the Punisher skull's teeth as prison bars. 




Batgirl #21

Cover by Dustin Nguyen                 

It's always refreshing to see a brightly colored Bat book cover. The stained glass looks terrific. 



  1. I love Dustin Nguyen.  He has been nailing everything he does since his time on Superman/Batman.  I love his work.

    That Northlanders cover is incredible.  I can feel the cold. 

  2. That Lone Ranger cover is nice! has a wonderful old school paperback feel to it. Great color palette and typography as well. Very refreshing for a contemporary comic. 

  3. Francesco Francavilla consistently proves he’s a fresh and amazing talented artist. He needs be given more work

  4. There isn’t a better designer working in comics today than Dave Johnson.

  5. Wow, those covers were fantastic. One of the better installments of this feature

  6. Is that the Grey Ghost depicted in the stained glass?

  7. @DoctorColossus  Yes.

  8. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Dustin Nguyen was the best part of Streets of Gotham. I’m so glad he’s still kicking around the Batman books. That cover is great. Wish I could frame it with all the cover copy.

  9. All of those covers are fantastic.

  10. Great choices this week!

    The only thing that could have improved the Nguyen cover would have been if Grey Ghost had those guns pointed at himself. Oh, and if he was dead. As much as I’ve been loving Batgirl on and off, I’m taking a break from it until Miller is done with that character and the speedsters.

  11. Nguyen just continues to blow me away, it’s just kind of stunning…great picks this week!!

  12. Dustin Nguyen’s Batgirl covers consistently nail it!  How many have been in the Covers of the Week?  Offhand I can think of three I think though Im sure there must be more.

  13. well make that, in this column…

  14. All of them = winners 🙂