The Best of the Week in… Covers (03/10/2010)

Here on iFanboy, we like a lot of things. Bacon. Falconry. Fruit Stripes gum. Sledding down the stairs on an old ironing board. But we also like comic book covers. Here's some of the best of this week's offerings. 


S.W.O.R.D.  #5 

Cover by Michael Del Mundo 

Some might find this one a little too busy, but it instantly grabbed my attention. I love the jumbled typography and symbols in the background. The jewel tone color palette also makes this one feel totally rich. I like that Hank, Lockheed, and Brand from a kind of triangle of color that radiates out from that central spiral. The whole composition screams exotic space opera.



Criminal: The Sinners #5

cover by Sean Phillips

If a new issue of Criminal is out, there's little chance I'm gonna like anything else nearly as much. As always, Sean Phillips paints a full cover wrap with some tremendous dramatic lighting and modeling. Tracy's in the hot seat, down in a dank, dark cellar, all tied up at the moment. It's a powerful image with a subtle level of suspense. The pink/orange sliver of light running down his face and along those ropes suggests an opened door out of frame. Is it someone coming to his rescue or a bunch of heavies with baseball bats and a canister of gasoline? I love everything about this cover, from that incredible series logo to the painting's composition and color. Phillips' is in a class by himself. Make sure to add his art blog to your bookmarks. 



Batman and Robin #10

cover by Frank Quitely 

I really dig this Batman vs. Robin theme. The covers for this arc feature some great visual gags straight out of a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon. Almost wish they'd take it entirely over the top with trails of gun powder and a TNT plunger. This is also a return to the visual style of the series' opening arc, with a limited foreground of characters against a super-saturated background color. While the yellow of the first issue's cover remains my favorite, this blood red totally pops and sells the mood at the same time. This image practically glows. 



Zorro Matanzas #2

Cover by Mike Mayhew

Okay. It's not the prettiest cover showcased this week, but this one stomped down the doors to my imagination and pissed all over the furniture of my mind. Guys, Zorro is dueling with a bear. The only thing that could make this crazier is if the bear had its own horse, or if it were the mount for a cyborg samurai. Pulpy, ornery mayhem. The poor yokel down in the dirt says it all. Brings new meaning to the term "Dynamite cover."


Alright, iFanbase? What'd I miss? What handsome pinup do you want hanging over your mantle? 


  1. That Batman and Robin cover is perfect.  I love every detail of it.

    I also like the cover on Power #3.  I like the simple contrasts.  They please my tired, old eyes. 

  2. I have to go with B&R as well.  Gorgeous.

  3. Wow, I didn’t expect Daytripper not to be on this list.

    That said, B&R and Sword are also on my favorite covers list. Good one, Paul!

  4. I wish Quietly had barely included some background details. Not overbearing or distracting but enough there to complement the scene/locale he was already created with the foreground.

    He’s Frank Quietly though, so it’s still great.

  5. Batman and Robin had a great cover, probably the best one this week. Although seeing it closer the SWORD cover is pretty good as well.

    My stack: Nothing. Well I only had B&R and Punisher Max…..Dave Johnson always does great covers but I wasn’t so much in love with this one.

    Rest: ASM strikes again with a gorgeous Lark cover. I know people are ‘meh’ on Mike Mayhew but I did like the cover for the ‘JLA Rise and Fall Special’.

    Worst Cover: Batman the Widening Gyre #5 for being truely hideous. In fact if I had an award for ‘Worst covers for a mini series’ I’d give it to Gyre as well.

    Best Trade Cover: Final Crisis Aftermath: The Escape for being a striking cover.

  6. Actually, the bear is just going in for a high-five.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Alexferrer – I was just as surprised. Daytripper’s had some phenomenal covers, but I wasn’t head over heels for this one. 

  8. "pissed all over the furniture of my mind."  Damn bears.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Another standout: The regular cover to JLA: Rise and Fall with the painting of Green Arrow standing over the fallen Prometheus. I believe the artist goes by "Art Germ." We’ve been seeing a lot of tremendous painterly images of Green Arrow lately. GA’s one of my favorite character designs around. 

  10. The Batman & Robin cover is an instant classic, but nothing beats that Zorro cover.

  11. Once again, the cover for Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers was gorgeous and amazing.  I kept staring at it for so long before I opened the book, just finding all the beautiful animals IG had added to the tapestry.  He has such a gift for animals!

  12. Batman and Robin cover rocks. Quietly always knocks it out of the park. 

  13. i just went to Phillips’ Blog… that guy has fantastic hair. fantastic!

  14. that sword cover is awesome !

  15. Batman and Robin 10 gets my vote for A.) being awesomely composed and B.) actually letting you know pretty clearly what the story inside is.

  16. I’ll tell you what’s great about that B&R cover — because, as Paul says, there have been a lot of gags in the covers for this series, I assumed that what’s happening on the cover is a metaphor.  I may or may not have assumed correctly.