The Best of the Week in… Covers (02/10/10)

After a few unscheduled weeks off, we're back — with a few extra great covers!



Amazing Spider-Man #620
  Amazing Spider-Man #620
Cover by Marcos Martin

They've really been kicking ass with these covers for Amazing Spider-Man during the whole Gauntlet storyline. I count three of them making it onto the coveted Best Covers list, two from the Mysterio arc alone. This is my favorite of those three covers and my favorite from this week. The deep red color scheme is immediately eye-catching and sets this book apart from all of the others on the shelf. The image of Spider-Man appearing out of the red mist to clock Mysterio pops from the red background creating a cover that grabs your eye in two different ways. I know it's only February but this is already one of my favorite covers of the year. I really love it.



Amazing Spider-Man #620 Variant
Amazing Spider-Man #620 (Variant)
Cover by Pasqual Ferry

Look, I don't even like Deadpool but this cover made me laugh and laugh.



Daytripper #3
Daytripper #3
Cover by Gabriel Ba

Of all the covers here on the list this one is the most artistically accomplished and sophisticated. The use of negative space here really is wonderful. The eye goes right to Bras and then we follow the reflection right back to ourselves. It is a very striking image. I wish I could get a look at the original, full-size piece of art for myself. And as so many great covers do, this one does a great job of telling the story of the issue in a way that totally makes sense after the fact without spoiling those who have yet to read the interior pages.


Batgirl #7
Batgirl #7

Cover by Phil Noto

(I'm not going to make a phallic joke. I just won't.)

JSA All Stars #3
JSA All-Stars #3

Cover by Freddie Williams II

Yes, this a a fantastically dynamic image. Yes, the extreme close-up is an eye-grabber. And yes, you can look at this cover and almost feel yourself being punched in the face. But really I love this cover because it's goddamn Magog being punched in his stupid face. This should have happened months ago. I might still be reading Justice Society books if it had.


Those are my favorite comic book covers from this week!


  1. Not only a break from the usual best three format, but the regular cover and variant of the same issue both getting top billing? Is this a first?

    Even though I’m not reading it anymore, Batman and Robin #8 made me pick up the comic at the store for a closer look.

    It looks like an episode of Real World on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 with poor Aunt May in the middle of it. Well, she asked for it.

    S.W.O.R.D. #4 is pretty cool, reminds me of old Dr. Strange covers with its trippy, surreal, psychedelic bent.

    And new Mutants #10 is really kind of funny. Dumb old Cyclops is staying up late playing Mutant Chess against… himself? 

  2. It’s back…WITH A VENGEANCE!     That ASM cover is very nice.  They have had a lot of red themed covers lately.  The #600 by Alex Ross springs to mind.  My favorite cover of the week was actually New Mutants #10.  Cyclops maneuvering the other X-men as chess pieces is great.  I wish I could have it as a skin for my laptop.

  3. The Magog line had me rolling. Well played, sir. Well played.


  4. Of the above, I’d have to go with the regular ASM cover.  My favorites this week is a tie between Human Target and Mesmo Delivery.

  5. To include in the mass of Spidey covers, Ult. Spiderman #7 cover was great

  6. Anybody want to tell me who that is punching Magog?  I would like to vote for him for president.

  7. @stuclach …or HER for president.  I’m thinking it’s PG.

  8. This is a good week for covers. All of those showcased are pretty damn good to look at.

    The stuff in my pile; Batman and Robin, Human Target, Hit-Monkey, and Punisher MAX all had fantastic covers as well. Come on, some props for Hit-Monkey!!!

    Other great covers include: Haunt (great McFarlane/Ottley cover), Unwritten, and X-Men Forever (strangely I am attracted to it)

    Worst Cover of the Week: Secret Six (only because it looks like Norman Osborn is on the cover every time)

    Best Trade cover: Nextwave the Agents of H.A.T.E.

  9. I almost bought that Spidey issue based on the (regular) cover alone. Martin really reminds me of Ditko and I like that.

    Batman & Robin #8 was the cover of the week for me, though. Frank Quitely.

  10. @patio: I should probably clarify that the order the covers are presented in doesn’t mean anything.

    @stuclach: Yeah, it’s Power Girl.

  11. I wonder if that really happens to Magog in the book?

    probably not.

  12. @conor: good, because if someone’s going to do it, it’d better be her. I hate Magog, such a horribly designed character.

  13. Yup, the Daytripper cover did it for me.

  14. Yeah, she knocks him into the sky and he sulks off.

  15. Magog is the Sentry of the DC universe (before Siege 2). He really hasn’t done anything but be annoying, every time I see him he’s an anchor for any enjoyment I have in the story.

    He comes along and thinks his 10 years of experience are anything compared to 70+ years of crime fighting for Alan, Ted and Jay. Guys a douchebag. 

  16. i’ve been working as a graphic designer for over 2 years now and a degree in design, i’m not the most experience person out there but i think i have a little bit of design sense.

    So when i say this i think i’m not totally unqualified; Conor, my friend, you have terrible taste in covers. 


  17. Thank you!

  18. no worries mate

  19. Power Girl.  Excellent.  She has my vote.  Anyone know her position on Health Care Reform? [Free Mammograms for everyone!]

  20. mmmm…mammograms

  21. most of these covers have someone shoving or punching someone else in the face. I sense a darkness in you.