The Best of the Week in Covers – 02.13.2013

Love fades. Best Covers fade too. It all fades. Haven’t you dummies read The Outsiders? The S.E. Hinton one. Well, you can make a case for the other one in this context too. A strong case, honestly.

Uncanny X-Men_1

Uncanny X-Men #1
Cover by Chris Bachalo

The logo and the ensemble in pristine harmony. Red for emphasis. The Dutch angle. A bit too much Scott Summers for my liking, but what are you gonna do?

Fatale_12Fatale #12
Cover by Sean Phillips




Bedlam #4
Cover by Frazer Irving

An ominous game of musical chairs awaits. The absence of life coupled with the implied invitation of this image unnerves.


The Manara Library_Vol4_HC

The Manara Library, Vol. 4
Cover by Milo Manara

Hats are tough sometimes.


Uncanny X-Men #1
Cover by Skottie Young

Again, that red emphasis. Also, ya know, adorable. Maybe even Scott Summers too. He’s the Charlie Browniest.



  1. Probably my favorite Skottie Young “babies” variant I’ve seen

  2. I loved the covers for Clone and Storm Dogs. Oh and how could I forget Alex Ross’ Star Wars?

  3. There’s a character on that Skottie Young variant who I don’t recognize but looks like a baby version of Jack Knight, so I like him.

  4. Really not all about the Muppet Babies thing. I don’t understand why this is popular. I’ll just file that in the same folder as the Harlem Shake and wait until it’s over.

  5. If Marvel ever makes book that collects all of Skottie Youngs “Babies” variants I would be very happy.

  6. The tagline on that Bedlam cover just makes me think: “Evil isn’t what we’re about…it’s what we do. What we’re about….respect for women!”

  7. Sure Paul, “hats”. Right.

    I would have tacked on Peter Panzerfaust #9 because it’s so striking. If you’re reading the book, you knew some shit was about to go down. If you’re not reading the book, start, because some shit went down.

  8. Too much Scott Summers? Geez, Ron’s body is barely cold.

  9. Damn. Can Mr. Young do a one shot every now & then?
    just great stuff!!

  10. Great picks as always. I also liked the Manhattan Projects cover, but there was so much white I felt like I needed gloves to hold it.

    Stay Gold Paulyboy.

  11. That Manara cover is oddly provocative. I love it.

    Baby covers are always great. I don’t care for the Bachalo though, and I’m usually a fan.

  12. Bachalo killed it on the interiors for Uncanny as well. I have really been missing him in W&tXM, so it was nice too see him drawing muties again. Even if it is the bad ones. 🙂

  13. “Hats are tough sometimes.” Made me laugh and laugh.

  14. I look at that Manara cover and think “Click!” And I smile.

  15. I really love the whole Skottie Young babies thing and this is one of my favorites as well as the standard cover, I like how they kept the same color scheme, ones adorable and just rad as hell then the other is borderline creepy sci-fi with the way Cyclops is reaching out at us like a creature from the Outer Limits. All New Xmen babies are one of my favorites as well, the Xmen make great Skottie Young babies. Would’ve loved to see a Venom baby somewhere and on the Cable & X-Forde one while I like its Cable getting a new arm present but would’ve rather seen baby Domino, Dr Nemesis, Colossus and Forge as well.

  16. Manara variants have been really cool too, it’s his bag, sexy chicks and that Gamora one is what she should always look like, nice to see his works collected in prestige format to cause full on arousal! LOL, look out!!!