The Best of the Week in… Covers (01/20/10)

Comic book covers? Yeah, they're cool.


Batman Streets of Gotham 8
  Batman: Streets of Gotham#8
Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Batman: Streets of Gotham is a solid if, for the most part, unexceptional series that consistently has exceptional covers from artist Dustin Nguyen. They always have a unique and eye catching design that sets them apart from other comic on the shelf. If you want an inside look at how Nguyen put this cover together, click here.



Amazing Spider-Man #618
Amazing Spider-Man #618
Cover by Marcos Martin

Marcos Martin's cover reaches out to grab you, almost literally. I like the composition of this cover a lot. The classic triangle composition leads us right to Mysterio's big black hand. Just in time to see him either strangle the life out of us or snatch the last cookie.



Joe the Barbarian 1
Joe the Barbarian #1
Cover by Sean Murphy

I love a cover that can tell the whole story of the issue in one single image, but do it in a way that doesn't spoil anything. This image does just that. All of the elements of Joe's life that are important to him and, one assumes, important to the story are right there on the cover. It's a beautiful looking cover from Sean Murphy, who I now have to keep my eye on.

Those are my favorite comic book covers from this week!


  1. Wot no Starman #81?

  2. I really liked the cover of Anna Mercury. Totally made me want to pull it.

  3. This was a great week for covers and these three are the most unique. I assumed they would be in the running for this week.


    @ckl – Tony Harris’s cover is awesome, but it’s not something he has not done before. 

  4. I think my pick would have to be Blackest Night the Flash #2.  I enjoy the contrast of Captain Cold’s costume among all the black and grey.


    I also enjoyed the character in eye similarities between Brave and the Bold #31 and Air #17.  I think Brave and the Bold wins between the two

  5. The bat symbol in the streets of gotham cover is exact same as the symbol from The Dark Knight Returns #1 cover



  6. Gotta second clk’s call for Starman. Great picks all round by the iFanboy crew though. The Spider-man covers in particular have been pretty excellent recently.

  7. I went back to look at my Spider-Man cover after seeing it on this list and noticed something I hadn’t before.  Spidey is actually gripping the grid pattern in Mysterio’s costume like he and all the rest are trapped.  Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t see it, or the last to notice but I really liked that and it’s certainly my pick of Cover of the Week.

  8. anything marcos martin does is beautiful! good picks all around.

  9. Loved all of those covers, I’d definitely think they are the best of the week. Especially the Streets of Gotham, definitely the best Batman cover of the year… far. Should be a poster.

    If I could add to the list, not replace:

    Brave and the Bold #31 (Great Saiz cover with a tiny Atom in Joker’s eye)

    Captain America #602 (Love the color choices for the cover. It looks so realistic of dawn just breaking out in the forest. I don’t know who Gerald Parel is,but that is great work by him)

    Worst cover of the week: Mighty Avengers #33 (What the hell is up with that Osborn smile?)

    Best Trade cover: The Thing Project Pegasus HC

  10. Another great cover for Amazing Spider-Man. Are they trying to bring back all the classic villains?

  11. These are all great picks. What do you guys think of the Joe the Barbarian title? Something about it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s just the shield. I don’t know. I love the cover otherwise.

  12. @TheNextChampion – It looked to me that the Mighty Avengers cover this month was either accidentally or intentionally an homage to Batman #251, hence that smile on Osborn’s face.

  13. The Starman one was my favorite by a mile. I haven’t read the whole series, but every time I see a cover from that series I want to buy the whole run…

  14. I also loved the ASM cover this week. Gotta love a great shot of Mysterio!

  15. I would have prefer Tony Harris to have drawn the cover the same art style he did Starman before, but eh, whatever.

  16. Of the above I’d have to go with Batman.  My favorite this week was Hellblazer.

  17. Those are all great covers. I think that my fave of the week was definitely the Amazing Spider-Man cover. Love Mysterio.

  18. How about that variant cover for BN Flash? That was pretty awesome.

    Not that I bought it.

  19. I love these articles. An artists work really sells the book, imo. I’m one of those collectors/suckers that your LCS loves. I will buy the variant cover without hesitation if the art really grabs me. 

  20. I liked the Joe The Barbarian cover as well.

    I also liked the Captain America and Hellblazer covers this month. And although perhaps not the most artistic, I did like the Hulk #19 cover; Hulk/Thing covers are always fun.

  21. I really liked the cover of Anna Mercury. Totally made me want to pull it.”


    Now that just sounds DIRTY!