The Best of the Week in Covers – 01.18.2012

Covers, covers everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Wonder Woman #5 by Cliff Chiang

I’ve been searching for this damned thing in Pokemon Blue going on thirteen years now, but it keeps slipping through my fingers. Love the rich colors here.


Moon Knight #9 by Alex Maleev

Hulkamania, as ever, is running wild all over your house. The only real problem with this tremendous portrait is that once you get it in your head that this is “Dissociative identity disorder Smurf,” you can never go back.

Chew #23 by Rob Guillory

There is no jaw in Mudville–mighty Guillory struck ’em out.


Fables #113 by Joao RuasĀ 

You’re still wincing at the “Casey at the Bat” pun, aren’t you? Here’s a Discworld reference.



  1. Great stuff! I also liked Red Hood #5 for its composition, execution and contribution to the Good Snow Art genre.

  2. I just wish the interior of Wonder Woman had looked like that. Bring back Chiang!

  3. Why is Dr. Manhattan dressed as Moon Knight?

  4. That Chew cover is really fun. One of my favorites of the week.

  5. Is it just me or does that Alex Maleev cover remind you of a Thomas Blackshear piece? It looks very similar to Blackshear’s style.

    the Tiki

  6. that wonder woman cover is **awfully reminiscent** of japanese tentacle porn.

  7. I thought that Morning Glories cover was pretty impressive as well. Very eye-catching.

  8. The Fables cover is amazing, as usual.

  9. All great covers, 1st Fables issue I’ve read, stand alone story seemed a good time to get a taste for it and the covers on that book always catch my eye.

  10. I have to say that Moon Knight cover was also probably my favorite this week.

    And I also appreciate the Willy Wonka reference in the first line of this article.