The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.21.2011

Covers. Am I right?

Fables #109 cover by Joao Ruas

This cover has realized my longstanding fear of pillow case-faced cats and driftwood ponies. It’s the nicotine finish that really sells this one. Creepy gorgeous.


Daredevil #4 cover by Marcos Martin

Shoot. A simple concept executed with elegance. Even soaring over a semiautomatic skyline, the new Matt Murdock still registers as spirited and vital. This series has gone from skulking to effervescent.


Hellblazer #283 cover by Simon Bisley

An effective character study from Simon Bisley sees the warlock with his boots on. A few minor hints of hocus pocus away from knowing all there is to know about John Constantine. I love that this image places us in the POV of either a rotund landlady with a very small dog or the new bird in town, potentially an X-ray tech. Constantine views either with the same level of apathy.


DMZ #69 cover by John Paul Leon

The positioning of the typography elevates this portrait of survivors, adding fullness to an already interesting composition. It’s not clear who’s interloping here, the pigeons or the people.


DC Universe Presents Deadman #1 cover by Ryan Sook

It really rarely ever gets better than Ryan Sook. The dramatic lighting accentuates Deadman’s terrific design. The pose recalls Houdini’s most aggressive feats of escapology as well as the forever tortured Jacob Marley. It might be the new definitive portrait of one of my favorite characters.


  1. These are some really good covers. I’ve been wondering what DMZ is but I don’t plan on buying it.

    • dmz is very good and even more enjoyable if you live in ny, in my opinion. i’d say the best way to describe it is the U.S. is coming up on another revolution and ny is ground zero. brian wood is awesome and i’d recommend picking up the 1st trade

    • DMZ has been one of the better books on the shelves in recent years, driven by an interesting, compelling story carried by captivating, enthralling, haunting artwork. The only problem is it ends at #72. I suggest the trades. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. The only reason i feel bad about not picking up Fables monthly is missing all those delightful covers. Thank Ruas there almost always here.

  3. That Fables cover is one of the best in a long line of exceptional covers.

  4. I’m not a big Fables fan but that cover is freaking amazing. Love it.

  5. You can never go wrong with Simon Bisley.

  6. The Daredevil cover might just be my most favorite cover of the year! So fantastic, metaphorical & down right stylish!

  7. When I picked up my copy of Hellblazer I immediately turn to my girlfriend and said “God… I freaking love these Hellblazer covers!” She was also impressed. 🙂