The Best Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Just this morning I walked into the grocery store in groggy perusal of some form of caffeine, and in my half awake stupor I was assaulted by the color pink attacking me from all sides. In alarm I woke up immediately, realizing that the reason for all of this girliness was that in a mere two weeks is the exploitation of love for the masses – Valentine’s Day.

I know a lot of people aren’t fond of Valentine’s day, but I find myself enjoying it (as I do most holidays, because I’m essentially an old lady) because I get to give my friends weird geeky Valentine’s Day Cards. Most of the time I make them myself, but as proven by my complete unawareness of the moving of time, I don’t have near enough time this year to hand draw every friend a personalized card. So as awful as it makes me feel, I decided I would go to the mecca for all things geeky and handmade – Etsy.

Well, two hours later and here I am writing this article, blinking in sudden awareness. I was sucked into some sort of Geeky V-day Card vortex. It took hold of my brain like a parasitic alien and I just couldn’t… stop… clicking. But as I went through this plethora of sappy and silly greetings, I took note of the best geeky and comic book related ones – just for you, dear readers. That’s my Valentine Day’s gift to all of you.


Galactus, Devourer of… Hearts?

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First off, we have an unlikely canidate for Valentine Card-ness: Galactus. And his favorite new item on the menu is… hearts? Well, he is certainly in the holiday spirit!


Clark Kent Has Gone Soft

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Clark Kent steps into the elevator or the phone booth, discarding his coke bottle glasses and pulling open his shirt to reveal the iconic – heart? I guess he and Galactus have had a change of heart (hurp durp get it?) lately.


Make Your Intent Clear

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You can specify what “this” is on the blank inside of this kitschy little card.


Hot Chicks Wear Glasses

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Know a special lady and you just don’t know how to get your intent across? Or perhaps you’re already being loved by a bespeckled girl – either way, this card is an adorable statement with a great illustration.


Dr. Horrible Felt V-day Card

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The hammer is my… love for you?


LOLCat Love

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The internet would be a lot less adorable and kitty filled without LOLCats. I’m sure your Valentine deserves to haz this card.


Fezzes are Red, Bowties are Blue…

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…bowties are cool, and so are you!


FBI = Female Body Inspector?

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The truth is out there.

Love Long and Prosper

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Not loving you is… illogical.



I love you. I know.

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Not only does this card have one of the most iconic scenes from perhaps the best movies of all time, but it’s in Aurebesh or Galactic Basic, a language from the Star Wars universe. Super geeky and super awesome.


The Hunt is Over!

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Go retro with your love.


I Choose You, Valentine!

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But not to battle other small adorable creatures. I just want to cuddle you.


Binary Love

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That’s robot for “I love you”.


Nyan Nyan Nyan LOVE!

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Like cats and poptarts, internet and memes… we belong together.


4-Set of Comic Book Cards

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These cards feature cut out hearts of retro comic books depicting love on the front. Aww.

Now go out and love somebody!


Molly McIsaac is waiting for her time lord, but in the meantime she reads a lot of comic books and drinks tea until she’s swimming. You can follow her misadventures on twitter.


  1. I just told my wife the only thing I want for Valentine’s Day this year is that Doctor Who card.

  2. Awesome. I would use any of these card if I had some one to give them to. Oh well. 28 straight years without a Valentin. The streak continues

    • That’s a downer. Think of it as an impressive sporting streak that will one day be broken by an imposing and influential woman.

    • Maybe change your surname to “Winner777” would be a better start? 😉

      Cheer-up, boy/girl! Somebody out there is waiting for you, just go find her/him (to be neutral as I have no idea if your a man or a lady) 0_o

    • @ Loser13 I’ll trade your 28 straight years for 29 straight years and one month out from breaking that duck, only for it all to come crashing down to earth. Ah well, now I can get back to reading my comics.

  3. “I’m a nerd, you’re a nerd, let’s do this.” And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

  4. Thanks Molly, this article actually sparked something in my brain to create my own geeky valentine’s day card to give to my wife! 😀

  5. The greatest Valentine’s Day cards ever were done by Jacob Chabot (Mighty Skullboy Army):

    Period. Print them out and give ’em to yer sweetie!

  6. Was gonna make an Origami heart, but I might settle on the “hot chicks wear glasses” card.