The Avengers… For Now

As you may have been following along in a post from earlier in the week, Marvel has been leaking the new Avengers roster to the tune of one new member a day. Because no on eknows how big the actual team will be, we have no idea when this will all end. Here is where we are at after the first week (just be thankful this isn't the Justice Society of America, or we'd be here until late March):

So far there are no real surprises. The entire storyline that Bendis has been crafting is about getting the "true" Avengers back together and that means Captain America (such as he is), Iron Man, Thor and Hawkeye. I'm not at all surprised about Spider-Woman because writer Brian Michael Bendis loves that character.

Next week should be interesting. Assuming 2-4 more members (I would assume four new members and then a group shot next Friday, at least that's what I'd do), who would you like to see fill out the remaining slots?


Here's an interesting wrinkle. We've received a second image from Marvel. Make of this what you will:


Enter the Heroic Age


A second Avengers team and/or book? Just another general teaser image? Speculate away!


  1. This looks awesome! So far I love the whole team.

  2. Just because the teaser images say, "I Am An Avenger" doesn’t mean they’ll all be on the same team.

  3. Spider-man and Beast for me!

  4. If you want to do legacy, the original Avengers only had one female hero, and Spider-Woman is a good replacement for Wasp.

    I still don’t think this incarnation should have Spider-Man on the team now that Spider-Woman is on it, but I love Spider-Man, so I won’t complain if he does make it.

  5. Looking good, so far. I hope Bendis keeps Spider-Man in the mix.

  6. My two choices would be:

     1.  Patsy Walker, Hellcat, or Tigra – group needs a cougar.  (Yes, Spiderwoman is cold.)

    2.  Black Widow or Mockingbird for martial conflict.


  7. With Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Thor back, I don’t think the teams have a place for Spider-Man and Wolverine.

  8. Oh yeah . . .

    I want only two more members.

    Nightcrawler (will not happen)

    Doctor Voodoo

  9. Spider-Man, for more Spider-Dating action.


    Pym, because to quote Eternity: "Tony Stark is The Engineer.  For him, science is a tool which he can use to shape his world and his destiny.  But Hank Pym, you are The Mage.  For you, science is about making the impossible possible."


    Doctor Voodoo, for the magically delicious goodness.


    Fourth is a toss-up.  I like Beast or Cho, but they’re both brains, and you don’t need 3 on a team.  Maybe Ms. Marvel for the female powerhouse.

  10. As for female heroes, who do you guys think will make the cut — Miss Marvel, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, none of the above?

    As for male heroes, maybe Spider-man will stay – he’s earned his spot, but hopefully Wolverine won’t. That gimmick has run its course. If they want a mutant on the team, make it Dr. Hank McCoy, for that Classic Avengers feel… 🙂

  11. Thor has gloves!!!!  Not sure how I feel about that.

  12. Jessic Jones! Goddammit I want Jessica Jones.

  13. Yikes…that teaser cover looks pretty bad.  Apes with guns…how very DC!

  14. New teaser image has Hawkeye looking very Bucky-ish with the arm.  Especially with Black Widow next to him…

  15. I’m hoping for Black Widow (since she is "in a relationship" with Bucky), and thinking Luke Cage (since he’s "in a relatioship" with Bendis).

  16. @DanLikesBeer: People need to get over the Hawkeye arm thing.

  17. And Bucky got rid of the roboarm in the latest issue of Cap, so that is no longer an indicator that it may be him.

  18. Thor needs the big rubber gloves since his hammer seems to be crackling with electricity.  They really need Pym, it’s not the Avengers without him. And Jarvis too.

  19. People thought Bucky might become Hawkeye? How silly. That’s the same arm covering he had years ago. A 2-second search on Google images shows that.

  20. I think (or hope) the four images next week will be: Pym, Wiccan (scarlet witch), Speed (quicksilver), and mockingbird. 

    As for that second image, all I can say is that it cant be a West Coast Avengers lineup because, in my mind at least, Luke Cage is East Coast.

  21. Pretty sure Spidey’s on the team. Apparently a few weeks prior to these announcements, JRJr was tweeting or something, mentioning that he wasn’t working on Spidey, but was working on a book with Spidey in it. So… now we know what he’s working on…. 😉

  22. Avengers: Gold Team and Avengers: Blue Team???

  23. Oops I forgot Beast!  Hopefully there will be five spots available!  🙂

  24. With New Avengers being (on average) the top selling comic, I don’t think Marvel would stray too far away from the format.

    It will probably just be some form of the New Avengers line-up with Thor.

    I’m cool with it.

  25. @drakedangerz: Thor be mighty pimpeth with the gloves.

  26. I’d really like it if Beast is on the team. As a Bendis skeptic, putting Beast on the team (with JRJR art) would probably be the tipping point for me to try the new series.

    What’s weird is, I haven’t even liked Beast in the X-Men since Whedon left Astonishing. I’ve wanted him off the X-Men. But the idea of him being an Avenger again really strikes me as a good opportunity for character development and stories.

  27. My only worry is how is Jr Jr supposed to do Avengers AND Thor?

  28. I would like to see spider man stay on the team. And doctor voodo would be cool too but only if rick remender writes his dialougue! And maybe Beast to get the whole Genius/Mutant angle locked down

  29. Have they said whether this is going to be a monthly? bi-monthly? etc. etc.

  30. …still hoping for a Maximoff…

  31. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t want Spider-Man on the team.  I’m just not a fan of how Bendis writes him (blasphemy, I know.)  For instance, I think he had one line in Siege #2, but it still completely took me out of the story.

    I’ll put my money on Beast being on the team.  SWORD is getting cancelled and he just left the X-Men. He needs a home. I don’t know the Marvel U enough to predict who else will be on the team or to cast my dream team.  All I know is that if The Sentry is on it, my likelihood of picking up the first issue will drop to almost zero.

  32. My vote is for Deadpool being on the team …

  33. Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Jean Gray

    Avengers Red Team

  34. @JesTr-Aye.

    @Tiocre-Worry not, JRJR is only doing the Thor Free Comic Book Day issue. He isn’t the ongoing artist for the series.

  35. Spiderman, Beast, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow.

    @cahubble09: ha, ha, very funny.

  36. @drakedangerz Ahhh… did not know that. Thanks for the heads up!

  37. I hope it’s human-face Beast, not cat-face Beast if so.

  38. Deadpool:

    "I don’t know what I’m doing here."


  39. Well, no matter what, Hawkeye will be on the team.  Both teams looks great though.  I’m really excited for the new Avengers era.

  40. That second image might be the new West Coast Avengers. I don’t know why but I feel that might be the case. Maybe it’s because most of those characters in that image are ‘B’ heroes. Except for Hawkeye and Luke Cage, which Bendis certainly has made them ‘A’ level material now.

    I would love to see Hercules! I’ve been preaching it for weeks now and I will continue to do so. Maybe be on the lesser team book, or why not the main Avengers? Him and Thor just being at odds with each other would make for great reading.

  41. I want Mockingbird, Tigra, and Wonder Man, so we can have the original WCA together. For a 9th spot…. Scarlet Witch, Songbird, Pym, or Beast.

  42. So that Lockjaw one was a joke? Because that would have been awesome.

  43. Oh man, that Thor image is incredible

  44. Spiderman, mockingbird, ms. Marvel, and Hank pym

    I hope they make a street level team with luke cage, jewel, ironfist, moon knight or daredevil, dr. Vodoo, hellcat, and black cat

    and have black widow form a birds of prey style all girl team.

  45. With SWORD done what if Brand and Beast join the avengers? Huh huh not a bad idea if I do say so myself

  46. Ya a New West Coast Avengers.  What I can dream.

  47. Hank Pym is in, aswell as Jocasta for shizzle you gangsta a$$ nizzles! Wild card is on Doc Voodoo who is supposed to be killing it in Remender’s book. But how could he not, Rick Freakin Remender!

  48. Force Works anyone?

  49. @TheNextChampion I was thinking the same thing about the second image. What if Hawkeye’s the Wolverine of the Avengers, going between West Coast and East Coast as needed?

  50. @hakaider: Mainly, I think if Bendis doesn’t put him in the proper Avengers, it’s for Luke Cage. Cause Bendis has made him into a great leader and relevent hero and now….so far I admit, it looks like he is no where to be found for the new team.

    Maybe Iron Fist joins this second team in the image?

  51. After Cage’s recent health troubles, I could see it being used as a device allowing him to take a "break" from all the dangerous Avenger stuff and spend time with his family.

  52. Personally, I’ve never cared for Spidey or Wolverine as Avengers, but I’d be completely down for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to be on the team and maybe She-Hulk.

    I just hope Ken Hayle isn’t an Avenger.  I love him Agents of Atlas and would rather see him there (and the agents back in their own book, please).  Besides, I don’t know if I could handle a gorilla with a human brain on both the Avengers and the JLA.

  53. Bendis didn’t make Hawkeye a great leader. Hawkeye had his own team 20+ years ago, and lead the Thunderbolts for a while too. All Bendis did was kill him, revive him, and change his clothes.

  54. It’s the return of the Reserve Members!

  55. It just wouldn’t be the West Coast Avengers without Hawkeye.  I really hope Luke Cage isn’t on it though.  Not a fan of him being in the Avengers as he’s a very street-level character and the Avengers have to be able to take on some pretty powerful foes.  Luke Cage belongs in the Daredevil world right now, not the Avengers.  It does seem odd though that they’re showing JRJR drawing Hawkeye if he isn’t on the East Coast team, and I really don’t see him being on both (the only other explanation would be JRJR is releasing promos for every character that is going to be on any Avengers team period, not just The Avengers).

  56. I forgot to mention this in my last post about who I don’t want to see on the team, but Luke Cage.  Why?  As far as I know, Iron Fist is looking for a book to hang out in.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Power Man and Iron Fist brought back as an ongoing.

  57. The perfect Avengers line-up: Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wonder-Man, Beast, Mockingbird, Vision.

  58. I love when people talk about the supposed "street-level" characters not fitting in Avengers stories.  with Luke Cage and other characters that people refer to in this way, the Avengers have taken on Sauron and the Savage Land Mutates, the Wrecker who wields an Asgardian magic-fueled crowbar, the Void, a man with the combined energy of the hundreds of thousands mutants who lost their powers on M-Day, the Hand (power in numbers at the very least), the Hood who has the power of Dormammu, his gang which is really no different than the Masters of Evil, and the Skrull Empire.  tell me those aren’t threats worthy of any Avengers team.

  59. Yeah, complaining about street-level is ridiculous. Those are often the best Avengers.

  60. I like Spidey being in a team book…

  61. It is not about the ads.

    People are excited about a new team of Avengers being put together.

    Sometimes it is fun to speculate and geek-out a bit.

    It was kind of the point of the thread from the beginning.

  62. @edward: yes, you are entitled to that opinion. But now you are on your second post discussing the discussion. If it’s a waste of time, then what on earth is this? If it’s a waste of time, why are you back in the thread again>

    As for this week of ads: Bendis’ run on the Avengers has been the first one in my life that ever interested me. Ever since I was a kid, I have been trying the book and dropping it in rapid succession. When Geoff Johns was writing it, a lot of people told me how great he was, but even his run never moved me… and then, of course, he was replaced by Chuck Austen. It’s pretty remarkable to me that a book I never cared about became my favorite and stayed that way for 60+ issues.

    With that in mind, when they announced major changes may be coming to my favorite book, including the removal of some of my favorite characters and the addition of some I do not care for at all who may or may not be Norse gods, I cannot help but want to know more. I’m keen to speculate. This sort of spitballing is the closest some of us come to following sports, weighing in on who the coach has in the line-up. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  63. Comments deleted for violating Terms of Service.

  64. yup, that seems fair

  65. Hawkeye’s dislocated shoulder in the new group shot looks pretty painful.

  66. $10 says Marvel will release an "A" poster with Deadpool on April 1st (April Fools) just to get everyone all riled up thinking Deadpool would be on the team.  🙂

  67. Definitely need the Vision on this team, and drop Black Widow.

  68. @Josh – Unfortunately the Lockjaw one was a joke.  I still think Bendis can make it work with a Pet Avengers/Avengers cross over.  Have Lockjaw be the one who is leader of the Avengers for the issue, like the old days when they would rotate being the chairman.

    I’d like to see: Spider-Man, Daredevil (I have no clue what happening in his book, I read it in Omnibi so let me dream even if it doesn’t work), Mockingbird, and Beast

    I do not want a Ronin on this team.  I’m tired of seeing someone dressed up as Ronin.  I want a Ronin free Avengers over everything else. 

  69. Lockjaw has his own Avengers right now. Be cool we’ll see him soon. 🙂

  70. If JRjr is drawing the Avenger book, I will probably check it out.

  71. I keep hearing that writer after writer after writer asks to have Beast on the Avengers, and they keep getting told no. It annoys me. Wonder-Man and the Beast are the original  Bromance of super-hero teams, a technique made famous later by Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. They need to be reunited on the Avengers! 

  72. Everyone and everything needs more Ken Hale.

    Voodoo, Pym or Beast would be great. 

  73. 100% white team with only one woman? I really hope not.

    I’d like to think Bendis still loves Luke Cage enough to keep him (and Jessica Jones) on the book. Ms. Marvel would be a bonus…though a team with Thor, Cage, and Ms. Marvel would probably be the strongest team in terms of pure physical might in the history of comics.

    I’ll hate to lose Spider-Man. I love the way Bendis writes him and I love his interaction with Cap and Luke.


  74. @TNC: I believe that we will get a West Coast Avengers out of the reboot.  I bet it will be Avengers, WC Avengers, and what ever the Avengers Initiative is turning into.

  75. @Diabhol Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jessica’s not technically part of the team.

  76. I’m so excited to see Osborn get his ass kicked that I’m sincerly hoping the next issue of SEIGE looks similar to this:

  77. Thinking more about this . . .

    Ms. Marvel book gone and Doctor Voodoo book gone. They will probably be on the team.

    Who else is going to write Luke Cage? Probably will be on the team.

  78. No new image for Monday?

    Probably going to be nine members to finish out the week.

  79. @ScorpionMasada: Yeah, I found the lack of new image odd and disappointing.

  80. The newest member announced:

    Mine. }:)

  81. Cage is looking like he’s engaging in the most intense jog ever.