The 2010 Top Shelf $3 Sale!

It seems about once a year, Top Shelf clears the decks and passes some massive savings on to you, and it's that time again.  So they're not all $3, no, but even the stuff that isn't is still a hell of deal.

Click here to see what they've got on offer, and give something new a try, while sending some cash directly to one of the better and unique publishers out there.

Of course, I have some recommendations.

Lost Girls (Single Volume Hardcover) – $25 – We've all been thinking about Alan Moore lately, and I'd like to think this is one way to thank him. It doesn't make up for not calling him to thank him, but it does help.  Plus, lots of vaginas!  Anyway, that's a lot of money off a very unique work. Might not be for everyone, but definitely for some.

Essex County Complete (Hardcover) – $25 – Jeff Lemire's entry level masterpiece.  Just get the damn thing. We've told you all about it.

The Surrogate's Owner's Manual (Hardcover) – $10 (!!!!!) – This is a big beautiful hardcover of both volumes of The Surrogates. It was $75, and not it's a hell of a good deal. Don't judge the book by the movie. Trust me.  You could also get trades of the 2 volumes for $3 each.

In the $3 area, there's a plethora of deals, including the fantastic 110 Per¢ by Desert Panther Tony Consiglio, The King by Rich Koslowski, which I like so much I have a print of it in my house.  They've got a ton of Jeffrey Brown, which is all wonderful stuff, but I'd recommend I Am Going to be Small if you're only going to get one.  You could also shove your face into Alex Robinson's Lower Regions.

Also, and it's not necessarily a comic, but Conor and I both really enjoyed Veeps, which is a history on all the US Vice-Presidents.  Fantastically fun.

What I'm saying is: go try some stuff, and have fun!


  1. That Lost girls hd looks great at that price! How you all like the story? Worthy?

  2. International shipping is just too expensive I’d love to get stuff, but paying fifty buck just for the shipping kills me….

  3. Already picked up the Essex County HC and I am Going to be Small.  I’m pumped to finally read them.

  4. @Vuk Yeah, especially to Canada.  I’d definitely pay for a somewhat more expensive ground option, but paying for Air is just too much.

  5. Nah……

  6. I’d be shocked if that SURROGATES hardcover didn’t sell out at that price. This really is a great sale.

  7. @Vuk Agreed. Canadian shipping’s $30, which is as much as many people might be willing to pay for their haul of books itself.

  8. Pistolwhip by Matt Kindt… If they’ve still got it, it’s an awesome mystery

  9. Sorry – also, Pistolwhip is early Jeff Lemire. Seriously underrated

  10. I picked up The King and the Surrogates trades.

  11. AWESOME!!!! Thanks.

  12. wow, that Surrogates price is fantastic… too bad I already have both the trades otherwise instant buy!

  13. Yes! Surrogate’s Owners Manual and Moving pictures for 10 dollars! Purchased! Glad I fianlly got to participate in this sale, always missed it.

  14. Ah man…i got the Essex County Complete softcover a few weeks back. Its still nice, i just have to be careful that i don’t break the spine when reading it. 

  15. yay!!   hopefully I won’t forget on payday . . . 

  16. If I didn’t just lose my job and didn’t have a nearly $40 pull-list this week, I’d totally buy up half these titles.  dang, bad timing 🙁

  17. Ordered the Surrogates HC last night.  It’s apparently so big, the shipping cost as much as the book.

  18. Glad I have a light week this time!  Thank you ifanboy for the heads up on these ultimate deals! just placed my order!:

    Dodgem Logic #1, Land of O, The Ticking, Micrographica, Tales of Woodsman Pete, Less than Heroes, Actus Box: 5 graphic novellas, The man who loved breasts, 24X2, All Flee!, Comic Diorama, Black Ghost Apple Factory.

  19. picked up moving pictures, three fingers, death by chocolate, trenches and i want to be small.

     thanks for the heads up ifanboy!!!

  20. got SURROGATES HC, COMIC DIORAMA, 24×2, and a few James Kochalka books. B)

  21. Lost Girls is cheaper on amazon when free shipping is considered. That sucks.

  22. Because of shipping, this whole thing doesn’t really work unless you order a bunch of things.  The other benefit, for those of you concerned with such things, is that the money goes directly to the publisher.