TEASER: The Walking Dead has NO WAY OUT

Image sent out this The Walking Dead teaser for thie next big storyline, "No Way Out", starting with issue #80 in December.

I'm gonna guess that something goes wrong with the really good situation they're in right now.  It's just a guess though.

Either that or, fingers crossed, Kevin Costner and Sean Young will be joining the cast of the zombie epic. It's a long shot, sure, but I have hope.


  1. Does mean Diddy is joining the cast?

  2. To be honest as much as I love Kirkman and the Walking Dead, I hope this does something really new for the series, because if for some reason Rick gets kicked out of the community he will just find somewhere else and it may just become really repetitive. Still I’m looking forward to this!

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m assuming Kevin Costner and "Sean Young" were in a movie called "No Way Out"? 

  4. Oh I see, so what you’re saying is Rick and the rest of the cast are Russian spies?  I’m catching on! : )

  5. the big secret is that bill murray will show up in his zombie form

  6. Hmm. I wonder if the walkers show up in such overwhelming numbers that the community literally has no way out of the town. Could be interesting.

  7. Has Kirkman ever said if he has an ending in mind or he he just kinda going and writing as it comes to him

  8. @RoiVampire: He always says he has a plethora of stoylines plotted out in his head. He also mentions a wish for 75 more issues in almost every letters column. So I would venture to say that if he does have an ending in mind, he’s keeping it close to the chest and it’s nowhere in sight. Which absolutely thrills me personally.

    I’m usually in favor of stories with an ending a la Preacher and Y The Last man, but this is a title where I think a two hundred issue run might actually benefite the story. One of the reasons TWD is so popular is that it takes the time to analyze the emotional effects a world like this would have on an individual. Something a two hour zombie flick simply cannot do. Then again, if the story starts to suffer from an obscenely long run, I trust that Kirkman will know when to pull the plug.

  9. I know this is’nt the place for speculation, but I just had this thought after watching the Walking Dead trailer and reading about the new storyline. But does anyone think it is possible that Rick either never really woke up and this is all going on in his head, or maybe he’s in his own personal purgotary a la LOST. Like I said please don’t bash me, but does anyone else think this could even be a possibilty,could Kirkman have hoodwinked us all?

  10. That would be the lamest thing that ever lamed.

  11. @art


  12. I know but I was just throwing it out there. When I saw Rick wake up in the trailer it just hit me, plus I just watched Inception again, so that could be it to.

  13. @Art: I’ve thought about it since the first time I read the first trade 2-3 years ago.

    Of course it would be epic bullshit at its finest…..But I think there is a 1% chance of this all being a dream.

  14. Why do I feel when I read "No Way Out" that Mike Myers is going to reply "Way Out, Garth"? (& you thought "It was all a dream" was lame.)

  15. Sean Young has been doing The Young and The Restless or some other soap here of late and Costner is in Direct-to-Video horror films. The Walking Dead would be an irony-free improvement to their current career paths.


    I predict (want) a six issue arc of nonstop Escape From D.C. surrounded with thousands-deep zombie hordes. Six straight issue of zombie killin’ action. 

  16. looks like the walkers gang up and ruin that whole place…rick and crew will need to save the civilians again…..

  17. kirkman is going to kill Rick in this arc. You heard it hear first.

  18. @har13quin I thought the exact same thing.

  19. What’s Walking Dead about?

  20. Short answer: zombies a la Romero.

  21. One thing I thought with the No Way Out, everyone dies, and he starts a new storyline with new characters.