TEASER: The “Four” Also Involves Hickman and… Bobillo’s FF #12

Marvel has released what is probably the final teaser for whatever Jonathan Hickman has going on in November that has been dubbed "Four".



Combined with yesterday's teaser that showed Fantastic Four #600 are we left to assume that we are indeed going to get two Fantastic Four-related books? Or is this a clever feint on Marvel's part? Either way, apparently it's not over.


  1. But in my defense, it DOES have a FF #600 variant cover.


  2. Maybe they are reverting to the old title/numbering for issue 600 then going back to FF afterwards?

  3. Two titles! Called it! 🙂

  4. I kind of hope they make both titles ongoing, (so December will have Fantastic Four 601 and FF 13) if only to see the numbering nuts have a seizure at the instantanous creation of 12 “lost” issues of Fantastic Four (which, assuming Johnny is coming back, might be a cool series detailing his adventures in the negative zone)

  5. Also, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Hickman is in no way involved in the graphic design of these promo images. This looks like 2 and a half minutes in Photoshop.

  6. @KenOchalek  His logo/direction, but the GD didn’t even bother getting the same font. Impact’s close enough, right?

  7. im guessing that 600 is just a one shot then

  8. @KenOchalek @OttoBott  — seems like a typical designer nightmare…you design this logo, and create a system and know how everything else works…then you turn it all over to the dreaded IN HOUSE DESIGNER (of doom) who just loses all the nuance and specificity that made the original design work.

    Someone got a little crazy with the dropshadows (big surprise) on the type and forgot to actually design something. 

  9. @KenOchalek: I LOVE the idea of retroactively going back to tell Johnny’s adventure using Fantastic Four issues 588-599.  First of all, it’s a pretty novel concept.  Second, it allows the store to continue to move forward in FF, without having to go back and explain everything.  However, if people care (and they should because I am sure it was pretty harrowing for Johnny), they can learn about his adventure in the Negative Zone. 

  10. As so many have suggested, i would LOVE two FF Hickman books…lets hope that happens!

  11. Noo! Why did I backpedal on my early comment? Think TNC, think!

    So Bleeding Cool was right and it’s gonna be split into two titles. Not sure if I want to buy FF if that’s the case (once it hit #12 I mean). But following the kids is a pretty good idea by Hickman…..and Bobillo has an interesting art style….I’m gonna think about it. 

  12. I haven’t been reading Astonishing X-Men but Bobillo’s art has been nothing short of gorgeous! If he is the regular artist then I may have to consider picking up the book again.

  13. Two books? They can’t even maintain good/consistent art in one for more than two or three isuues lately. Maybe if they bring in Samnee…

  14. I loved Bobillo so much on Dan Slott’s She-Hulk. I have no idea how his style works with Hickman’s FF, but I am keen to find out.

  15. This particular two book thing is Marvel’s latest gimmick. Thor, Captain America, and now apparently Fantastic Four. Splitting and spinning off books is not new, but the latest trend where they actually give what would probably be the more risky/less desirable book the legacy numbering and the hot book/team/characters the new #1 feels at least mildly innovative. The collector feels compelled to keep his numbered series while the hot book gets bought because it is hot. Or at least that is the plan, I think. Of course, I am not sure if FF/Fantastic Four falls into that paradigm, as I assume the Torch returning in Fantastic Four is the hot book. Still a nice trick if you can get it. Incredible Hulk is renumbering back to 1 soon, and that only happens every 3-4 years.

  16. Marvel’s design on their teasers are usually pretty terrible / word art-y.

  17. @ResurrectionFlan  –its a complete advertising anomoly ineed. I can’t think of any other creative industry that disregards the quality of its advertising like the Big 2. You’d expect them to make the most beautiful one sheet movie type posters for all these events and stuff, but they just seem to throw something together very fast. 

  18. Aaaaa yaaa

  19. fantastic four is going on as the core, and the ff is just the kids and dragon man.

  20. Duh. Do the math, kids. 587 (last “old numbering” iisue of FANTASTIC FOUR) plus 12 (issues of FF) equals 599. And the next issue is,,, FANTASTIC FOUR #600.

    Did anyone NOT see this coming when they renumbered the series last year??? On the other hand, they already pulled that “one old title beomes a new title, then becomes TWO titles on the anniversary” with HULK/INCREDIBLE HULK. And no doubt CAPTAIN AMERICA (and possibly DAREDEVIL) will pull the same trick of “merged numbering but continuing” in the future. Although since they both recently had big numbers it’s a long way off.

  21. @positronic  588 was the last issue, so FF12 would be equivalent to F4 600 if the numbering really mattered (which I don’t believe it does).

  22. @KenOchalek  You’re right, I was focusing on the big “death” (yeah, right) issue, and forgot about the post-mortem. So it looks like they ARE following the previous model established with HULK/INCREDIBLE HULK. You know what they say, statistics lie. And so do comic book numbering systems. Anything to wring the extra bucks out of the hung-up-on-numbers audience. Whatever “issue number” is perceived as the most attention-getting will be the one they use. Now they can add “have our cake and eat it too” to the repetoire.