TEASER: Prepare to be Cumberbatched as We ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

There are many, many Star Trek comics. So we get to cover this one. Ha! Shouldn’t be a surprise though as we did a podcast on J.J. Abrams’ first turn at the helm back in 2009.

Those venturing out to see The Hobbit in one of its already controversial 48 fps IMAX screenings, you’ll be seeing oodles of next year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. But until then, we’ve got what I guess is a pre-teaser sort of deal in which Benedict Cumberbatch rains hellacious vengeance upon humanity in his role as….well, that’s worth speculating down below.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Oh, and there’s also the Japanese cut of the same trailer, which includes a tantalizing bit of additional footage where things get handsy and iconic.

Of course, you’ll probably want to check both of these out in glorious high definition over at iTunes Movie Trailers.

Me? I think it looks exceptionally promising. Much as I adore 2009’s inventive franchise reboot and enjoyed Eric “Hello, Christopher. I’m Nero” Bana in his understated role as the Romulan villain, I’m eager to see Cumberbatch deliver some sumptuous theatricality to this sequel.

Is he Khan? Is he Gary Mitchell? Some curious hybrid of the two? At this point, I’m just thrilled he’s a venom-dripping Cumberbatch. And of course, the real draw is more of Karl Urban as a prematurely cantankerous Bones.


Yes, I know that’s the wrong generation. But let’s boldly go.


  1. A part of me wants Benedict Cumberbatch to win.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that whoever wrote the score was a fan of Inception.

  3. Ha, good tag there.

  4. Well, that’s clearly supposed to be Elizabeth Dehner based on that haircut, who is from the Gary Mitchell episode. Can’t quite put a bead on it. Though, that last few seconds of the Japanese trailer really brings up some questions.

    • Or it could be Carol, Kirk’s ex-wife from “Wrath of Khan.”

    • Well, sure. Though, on the surface of it, the trailer clearly shows Alice Eve in a Starfleet Uniform, and the “main universe” Carol Marcus was a civilian. Not saying they have to lock step, but it’s certainly something that keeps me from saying Carol.

      As well, Alice Eve is the spitting image of Sandy Kellerman in those few shots. Give it a look: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Dehner

    • Could it be Marla McGivers?

    • I noticed the hair, too. About as close to Dehner as it’s possible to get, it would seem.

      The only potential issue is that Orci said the current IDW ongoing is canon as far as he’s concerned, and my understanding is that the comics have been developed accordingly with the movie, and they’ve done Gary Mitchell. (Dehner wasn’t in it, though.) That could just be an encounter that gives him reason to take revenge, and it wouldn’t be the first time that this movie series had significant plot setup in a comic book.

  5. Yes please!

  6. I hate to be Debbie Downer but it looks awfully dark for Star Trek. I know that’s kind of par for the course these days but does every movie have to involve the destruction of the planet? That being said, it looks like a great movie but not necessarily in keeping with the Star Trek I’m used to.

    • Of 11 Trek films, only 3 aren’t about stopping some galaxy-wide threat.

      Not saying you’re wrong, maybe its a tired idea, but its not ‘these days’, its been like that since Star Trek 1. The films were also like ‘big summer events’ in between the TV series’ ongoing and more thoughtful stories. The problem is we have no TV series right now to remind us what real Trek is.

      Imagine if DC comics stopped making monthly books and only did a “Something Crisis of the Something Earths” once a year.

    • I wonder if that planet is actually being destroyed. It might be in the process of being created. I think the alien planet or planets shown have a real Genesis vibe.

    • How are the Trek movies not dark?


      In 2 Spock dies an agonizing death from radiation exposure, Kirk’s son David is killed in 3, Earth is almost destroyed by now extinct whales in what is a grim prophecy of the future results of the destruction of our planet in 4, Trek 5 meditates on religion and comes to the conclusion that God either does not exist or does exist and it a truly vengeful and evil entity. Maybe you should re-watch the originals because they are pretty dark.

    • Those are all fair points concerning the movies but I was referring to the movies versus the show. All iterations of the show except DS9 and Enterprise had much lighter tones than any of the movies.

  7. Wasn’t there a revenge theme to the first JJ Star Trek? Are all the new Star Trek movies going to be revenge movies?

    • Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis and Trek ’09 all have revenge themes running through them, to some degree or another. (One could argue there’s one in Generations as well). Which is nether an endorsement or a detraction, just… a thing.

  8. Doesn’t really seem like Khan due to the synopsis stating the threat to the Federation comes from ‘within’, and the scene w/ Cumberbach in uniform.

    Khan was a genetically-enhanced dictator in cryo-stasis for 300 years…. that was before Zefram Cochrane and before there was ever a Starfleet or Federation.

    Not that it still couldn’t be explained in some way, just saying it doesn’t seem likely. I really hope its NOT Khan.

    The Spock-hand-behind glass thing is a stupid thing to look into. You don’t even know that’s KIRK’s hand. I’m excited for this, but I hope to god its just not a re-hash of Wrath of Khan. The whole point of alternate universe is to tell NEW tales, not remake/reboot slightly altered versions of stuff we’ve seen already.

  9. Kinda looks like Cumberbatch’s character is stronger than your average human.

  10. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

  11. There have been other hints that make it clear it’s the Gary Mitchell story.

    Besides, they already remade Kahn with the first one.

  12. Did I put the first J.J. Abrams film into the Blu-ray after watching this trailer? Yes. Yes, I did.

  13. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My guess is that Cumberbatch is Mitchell by way of Khan. I don’t know how much of Khan they will be in this iteration of Mitchell on the surface, but I think he fills that role thematically. There’s ultimately going to be some demand for Into Darkness to mirror Wrath of Khan in some way, and this is how they’re going about it. That, to me, feels like a smart way of broaching the subject while trying new things. Using what’s already there to propel toward something different is a wise tactic in this territory.

    • Yeah, my feeling is that they’re using both TWOK and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” as rough guides to a new storyline. What’s interesting is that the very first story the IDW Tie-In Comic did was an adaptation of the Gary Mitchell story. That tale was conspicuously absent the Dehner character. So, in theory, you could tell a story where Mitchell wasn’t dead at the end of “WNMHGB” and left stranded on a planet, like Khan in TWOK, and he works his way back to Earth to exact his revenge with his new set of powers. Stretching I know. However, the powers that be have hinted that clues to the plot INTO DARKNESS have been peppered throughout the IDW run. As well, Bad Robot has an iron fist over of the Tie-Ins to the JJ Abrams verse material.

      We’ll see. I remain pleasantly hopeful. Though, I admit, starships dropping into the Thames is a great visual image.

  14. I don’t consider myself a huge STAR TREK fan, though Next Generation was killer. The last ST movie was good and this seems to have more of what made it entertaining. I’ll be catching it.

  15. Cool! A new fantastic four movie.

  16. Well, it certainly looks beautiful. I consider myself a relatively casual Trek fan (most of my love is for Next Gen, TWOK, and Undiscovered Country), but I really enjoyed the first Abrams installment. Personally I thought it was exactly what the franchise needed to stay alive, and it sure was purdy.

    I’m not really going to join in on the villain speculation. I’m fine with the wait-and-see approach. Having Cumbersnatch in the role all but guarantees a memorable and exciting performance. Just hearing his voice in the trailer made me immediately love to hate him. I’m really looking forward to this.

    And to those complaining about it being “too dark” (whatever that means), I say get over it. This is the way it is now, and as others pointed out above, the Star Trek films have always been high stakes extravaganzas. When you mix high stakes scifi with the advancements in cinematography and special effects, thing will almost always turn out heavy. Personally, I like my scifi/action to be all-you-can-eat. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of Kirk quips and witty exchanges to help it all go down smoothly.

  17. First one got me excited, but the Japanese cut gave me goosebumps!

  18. Crazy thought here: Garth of Izar.

    I think Mitchell is almost certainly it, but Garth is a Starfleet captain and brilliant tactician who goes a little nuts, gathers a group of criminals to take over the universe, and the “chess game” allusion in the plot synopsis reminds of the gambit Kirk & Spock use to defeat him in the episode.

    The terrible, terrible episode.

    The odds of this are next to zero, but as long as we’re speculating…

  19. Not really into this. The first movie was pretty mediocre in my eyes and I just don’t see myself going to see this.

    I’m sure there will be a ton of lens flare and dutch angles though.

    • Just because a movie had lens flare in the first movie, doesnt mean it will in this one.

      I guess you have special behind the scenes insight that none of us do…ok.

  20. Loved the first movie with this group. Wrath of Khan is also one of my all time favorites (just watched it again 2 nights ago).

    Khan as the villain just does not fit. Everyone is 15 years too young. Even if Kirk & crew did find Khan’s ship in this timeline, and left him on Ceti Alpha V, that would happened like 5 seconds ago. No time for Khan’s wife to die or for him to build up the desire for revenge that he had in TWOK. Since this character has some personal issue with Kirk already, it does not seem like it could be Khan.
    I saw a possible suggestion that it could be Kirk’s brother who we saw for 5 seconds in the first movie. Also, how about Kodos?