TEASER: Marvel Announces Hickman & Epting’s “FOUR”

On this day in 1961, plucky young comic readers could exchange one dime for a copy of the all new Fantastic Four #1 by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. Fifty years later, Marvel offers this teaser image for somewthing called…

You now know everything we do about this story line. But that's not going to keep us from quessing as to what it's all about. Does this spell the end of the Future Foundation? An evolution of that organization into something new? That familiar logo suggests a return to something a little more iconic, specifically the name "Fantastic Four." Does that also suggest a return of Johnny Storm? Having spoken to the writer and editors way back when the "3" story was first announced, I tend to believe it's a new roster and not the traditional lineup. Brevoort suggested that they would be experimenting with many possible status quos. 



  1. Medusa was in the Fantastic Four for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had either her or Black Bolt fill up that spot and still consider it Fantastic Four (Especially since they’ve been highlighted in the FF issues lately).

    Other than that, more than likely, Johnny Storm is already coming back. What happened to the 2 year rule? First Cable, now Johnny Storm? I’m all for it if we’re talking about Nova and Star-Lord.

  2. I’d be absolutely shocked if Johnny Storm DOESN’T come back. Marvel is putting all of its eggs in the “kill off character then bring em back” basket. 

  3. It’s fitting that they released this teaser today. It also makes me want to put on my Fantastic Four t-shirt, love the simplicty of that logo

  4. I’m fine with Johnny coming back. That’s the nature of Marvel/DC Superhero comics. To have closure on the characters I love, I read indie comics.

  5. This is a graphic novel adaptation of Beyonce’s album right?

  6. I’m fine with Johnny coming back. That’s the nature of Marvel/DC Superhero comics. To have closure on the characters I love, I read indie comics.

  7. I doubt it is the return of Johnny Storm – much, much too soon.  Conversely, I hope that it doesn’t mean that Spider-Man leaving the team – he just got there.  I like the current team just as it is.

  8. @isteve, this would have been the 600th issue, and wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel brought Johnny back. If it is the return of Johnny, I don’t know if i can muster the energy to care. I want to be postiive and be really happy that the four will be whole again, but the course it has taken hasn’t done anything to excite me.

  9. Man, I like future foundation too so far. If storm comes back, I’m writing off FF.

  10. I’m dropping Fantastic Four. Which is sad for me because I thought it would be my book, the book I collected through thick and thin. I just can’t behind a lot of the artists recently and it has lost a kind of cohesion from when it was Fantastic Four.

  11. There’s little to respond to except 4 Paul’s speculation that it’s a new roster and not the return of Johnny Storm.

    My pick for a new roster –

    Black Bolt, Medusa, Namor, and Dr. Doom.

  12. Not #600, eh? Curious. 

  13. boo. too soon for johnny to come back, and with the idiocy in FF #6-7, they better not put in black bolt or any of those comic idiots.
    with spiderman gone, consider FF DROPPED.

  14. The Earth on the teaser image is not a drawing but a photograph. I say it’s a photograph of our Earth. Therefore, the series will take place on our Earth as opposed to Earth-616. Where’s my no-prize?

  15. no black panther, storm or she hulk plz

  16. I hope that this is actually to do with the “New Fantastic Four” set to appear in Ghost Rider. Because I really don’t want Johnny Storm to be brought back this early.

  17. easy, Wolverine, Spider Man, Ghost Rider & Grey Hulk. DONE:)

  18. The Future Foundation does a recruitment drive then sets up FOUR teams based around the world. 

    Reed and Sue along with Doom, Valeria, Franklin, Artie, Leech, Kid Wizard, Dragon Man, Old Atlantis Fish kids, and the Moloid kids move to a base above Old Atlantis. 

    Spidey, Ben, Alex Powers, She-Hulk, Medusa and Black Panther work from the Baxter Building

    Nathanial Richards, Huntress, Vibrax, She-Thing and Ant-Man II (assuming he remains alive at the end of Childrens Crusade) operate from a base on the Blue Area of the Moon just outside Attilan

    And the controversial secret brain trust, villians kept on retainer on the condition they continue to behave themselves: Wizard, Diablo, Mad Thinker, MODOK

  19. @MutantSentry  That…would..be…AWESOME!  Can we make that happen? HEY HICKMAN!! Right here!

    That said, I too would be fine with a return of Johnny Storm.  Half expected him,or who everd died, to be back by #600 (and the “Fantastic Four” title to be restored)  since they announced a member would die.

  20. Well that was quick.

    I’m sure Marvel is gonna SPOIL it the DAY BEFORE the issue comes out. 

  21. okay.

  22. I mean OK4Y.

  23. What if Johnny is alive in the Negative Zone and this is going to be his SOLO title.  Johnny leads a resistance other lost characters, like Nova and Peter Quill, against Annihulis. 

  24. I think the Generation X character SKIN should join the fantastic FOUR

  25. This’ll probably last a little while, until they start the storyline “5”. The same premise as three, except it’s the tension of a new member joining the team. And there’s not way Johnny’s not coming back. They can’t keep him dead for more than a year.

  26. Teasers be damned.  This is Marvel being Marvel, but on the flipside Hickman is still being Hickman.


    Well, Hickman had always planned to kill Johnny as a plot point in his story.  When Marvel knew, they hyped it up over the top, like they do, until people stop buying “Death of” books. (I actually do not mind because I am seeing comic books being talked about outside the normal comics world and welcome all new readers.) I could care less about any new teasers. Hickman is giving me one of my favorite runs in Fantastic Four/FF since I can remember. You did not have to sell me on picking up the book because I will never drop it, but to be this excited about picking it up on a monthly basis, I will not complain.  Get over the teaser and just read the damn book. It will be worth it.

  27. Give me Epting or give me death!!!

  28. @WHATTHEDAST  I really hope they aren’t bringing Johnny back quite yet, but i would love to see what Star lord and Nova have been up to in the cthulhu universe

  29. I’m not convinced that Marvel has the courage to keep a character like Johnny Storm “dead” for more than a few months. There was another teaser that had spidey in it….i dunno. We shall see. I just would be really shocked if dead actually meant dead in Marvel comics. 

  30. I think “4” is in reference to the Four Cities storyline.  I think it all comes to a head in November.  That, and the other teaser image released this morning shows the “FF” line up.

  31. thye should replace Johnny with Captain America. It worked for the movies

  32. I look forward to the return of Thundra, Crystal, Medusa & She-Thing. And Black Panther. And Namor. And Lyja. Silver Surfer? She-Hulk?

    Of course, the second image, released today, probably means I’ll keep looking forward to the return of these folks. 

  33. please dont bring johnny back. the FF is better off without him. Then again, Hickman lost me after the horrendous Black Bolt story, so i dont care too much either way. I just would rather keep him dead because A) Marvel never keeps their characters dead. Never. and B) he’s useless. Reed is the brains of the group, Sue is the most powerful, and Ben actually has an interesting personality. what would Johnny POSSIBLY have to offer?