Teaser: Independence Day 2013 Arrives on July…2nd?

Traditionally we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th here in the United States. This year, Image Comics has other ideas…



  1. The second falls on a tuesday something new digitally maybe?

  2. its gotta be something kinda big. I’m guessing they break away from Diamond to do their own distribution (not likely) or they do something with their own digital comics app so they don’t have to worry about content in books not being “allowed” to be sold….although i don’t see how they get around the apple store issues.

    or Will Smith is doing a comic with them. who knows. haha

    • There were no apple store issues, that was a misunderstanding.

    • True in the Saga situation but Apple has pulled comics in the past due to content and has the right to do so in the future. So they certainly due control what can and can’t be sold through their store. I can see why Image would look to find a way around that.

  3. Or maybe they’re having a big Independence Day sale?

  4. Possible or lots of comics going up for free like the marvel 1 initiative.

  5. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Star Trek video game I hear is available now.

  6. God I hope Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are involved.

  7. IMAGE UNITED 3 comes out?

  8. Interesting that no one seems to think this is an actual comic book. This could be the announcement of a big new event or creative team.

  9. So are they making a comic based of the wildly popular Independence Day movie?

    • The ID Aliens v Spawn, Witchblade and Savage Dragon

    • That movie made me sad because it was so dumb. And everybody was pumped to see it because of the blowing up the White House scene.

      Beating the aliens by uploading a virus? What kind of crap ending is that?

      I can’t believe people still speak positively of it to this day.