TEASER: Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett Make a Comic Just for Me

It was just another ordinary, slightly rainy day, when my favorite writer in comics threw some teaser images on his blog regarding the project that may as well have been made especially for me, depicting a soldier in what appears to be the Colonial, or just post-Colonial period.



There's no word on when or where this book will see the light of day, but speaking of light, check out that coloring!  I'll wait patiently.  The files are labeled with the words Gowanus, which, for those of you not in the know, is an area in Brooklyn, which was also a hotbed of activity in the US Revolutionary War, as General Washington tried to keep the British from taking over Manhattan, something at which he ultimately failed. If this has anything to do with that, I'm psyched.

He also says there's no word on when Stumptown #4 will ship, even though they promised the beginning of June.  He promises this won't happen with the next arc.  I'm not sure, but this might make me the Tina Turner to Stumptown's Ike.  I'll live with it, because I love it that much.

Go check out Rucka's original post for more.


  1. Very excited for this. 

  2. Color me interested. If there is an era of history that is ignored in fiction is circa colonial America.

  3. Soon plese, very soon…

  4. that art is serious and rucka doesn’t disappoint

  5. And we’re gonna follow this family throughout the history of America right?

  6. It looks like Hawkeye…. the other one…. and not the one off MASH either

  7. Just reading "post-colonial" made me look in startled panic at the Homi Bhabha essays stacked on my desk and I considered slamming my face into the keyboard.  Thanks, Josh.  Thanks.  

    (This looks neat.) 

  8. Desktop Wallpaper!

  9. God I hope this is the book Rucka mentioned during the Wonder-con panel. The idea of following a family through out the various American participated wars is a really awesome concept. (American Soldier I think he called it during the panel)

  10. Um…yes, yes, and more yes.

  11. I love Rucka, but the only 1700’s I care about involves pirates. 🙁


  12. This is great news. I remember asking the iFanboys if there were any colonial comics not too long ago and now it looks like there might be!

  13. He did say June on Stumptown #4, didn’t he? And August for #5, I belive. 

    Looks like another fine Rucka book. Great, even. Can’t wait for the trade when it comes out in oh, let’s guess 2014.  Well, I can and will.

    Burned once on Queen & Country, again on Stumptown. Not taking the bait this time. 

    Trade waiting crew, you have another member.

  14. Fantastic art! I knew nothing of this until now, but am quite interested.

  15. This looks like a story that’d appeal to me and great art  but I prefer the b&w art before the colors.