TEASER: Flashpoint #1

In the making for a good long while, Geoff Johns' next symphonic superhero saga, Flashpoint #1 hits stores today. DC sent us this teaser image to whet your appetites. Johns promises change, and you just might get it.

Add the first issue to your pull list here.


  1. Holy iFlashpoint Batman! The background was shocking!

  2. If only someone could put an ugly advertisement on this main page so I can figure out what’s coming out tomorrow!

    (Can’t wait to see what’s the POTW tomorrow) 

  3. I dunno what it is, I just have no interest in this event at all.  🙁

  4. Why is it that the only way something can drastically change in DC is to use the Flash? Sure he’s a great character with a lot of depth and varied story, but really, is he literally at the center of the universe’s evolution?

  5. @blenderzen I believe Superboy-Prime’s fist would dispute that….

  6. I don’t like how all these old dudes are back because the slightly older dudes than me are in charge now, it’s cool though, Hal and Barry will be swept away when dudes my age are in charge of DC comics. Yay!

  7. Everything you know will change in a FLASH! Even this web site’s design!

    Just kidding around guys. The giant ad isn’t bothersome to me at all. Y’all gotta feed Josh’s baby and pay for Ron’s extravagant dining habits somehow, right? 😉

  8. WOW! Sponsorship! Gave me quite a suprise hahaha. That quote on the the teaser image makes it sound like Geoff Johns is a character in the DCU and narrating this story, which would actually be pretty cool.

  9. Batman has terrible social skills.

  10. Woopie do

  11. Great background on the home page guys! DOn’t know what to think of the event yet, will wait & see.

  12. It’s got to be better than Fear Itself.

  13. The art looks good.

  14. Does this mean that Time Warner is eligible for prize pack give aways?

  15. I like the art, particularly the human x-rayed skeletons.

  16. “Its your kids Barry, something has to be done about your kids!”-Professor Zoom
    “What do we all become assholes or something?”-Barry Allen