TEASER – Enter: Ninjak from Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics continues it’s march through the old Valiant line of comics with modern updates as today they shared the below teaser image :

Looks like this September, Ninjak will make his return to the updated Valiant Universe, and if this cover is any indicator, X-O Manowar may have his hands full..or his face full.



  1. Sorry, I forget his origin. He’s a ninja, but with a ‘k’ at the end. He’s a ninjak. Am I missing somethinK?

    • In the original VALIANT Comics, Ninjak was Colin King, the son of a British intelligence agent who grew up in Japan, where he trained in the martial arts. Colin’s birth was part of a genetic experiment that granted him athletic abilities above those of normal people. As a grown man, he worked for MI 5, the British intelligence agency. He was also known as The Weaponeer, an arms dealer who sold weapons to both sides.

      The second version from Acclaim was Denny Meechum, a kid who a video game transformed into Ninjak.

  2. Huh. They teased Eternal Warrior and Rai before this, but those don’t come out til this winter.

    At any rate, if the quality shown in X-O Manowar and Harbinger keeps up, I’ll grab this too.

    • Absolutely agree. Both of those books have blown me away with how well they represent what’s good in comics. The writing is great, and the art on both books looks fantastic. This is not the Valiant I remember, and I’m glad for it. I never thought I’d be looking forward to a Bloodshot book, and I wish I could have Eternal Warrior TODAY.

    • I’m digging the Valiant too. If they keep up with the kind of talent they’re getting would it be reasonable to expect something REALLY REALLY cool for Solar and Turok???

      On that note, are the rights of Solar with Valiant? I was seeing reprints of the Valiant stuff being released by Dark HOrse.

    • As of right now, no, VEI does not have the rights to Solar, Magnus and Turok.

  3. THe one I’d be interested in is Shadowman, but I guess that’s actually owned by someone else or something?

  4. He’s gonna have his hands full of his face

  5. I’d be curious to know the sales numbers on these books. I still have my complete runs of Harbinger and Rai from back in the day but so far haven’t felt any strong desire to try the new Valiant.

    • Sales numbers are great, X-O #1 estimated around 42k. It was the 2nd highest indie title after Walking Dead. And you should REALLY read the books, they are fantastic. X-O reads better if you grab both #1 and #2, and Harbinger #1 is amazing.

    • Right? I loved these books back in the day. I bought the first issue of the new Magnus Robot Fighter with great anticipation and I couldn’t even finish it. I haven’t picked up another Valient title since… I guess it is good to hear I’m missing out.

    • Magnus Robot Fighter was done by Dark Horse but what Valiant has been putting out has been outstanding and this is coming from a guy that has never read a Valiant book until now

    • TOTALLY! I picked up X-O after reading this thread and I was blown away by the quality and amount of material you get for the 3.99 (this is not usual for me to say about a 4$ book too) no adds!. I’m in.

    • Interesting. I may have to look into Harbinger at the very least.

  6. Normally this looks like something I’d skip but X-O Manowar and Harbinger were so good I will give this a try.