TEASER: Another Zombie From AMC’s WALKING DEAD

Following last week's first production still, AMC has sent us another zombie picture from the set of Walking Dead.


Walking Dead Zombie


It looks like this show is going to be pretty gruesome for basic cable. Exciting!


  1. Wow very well done. I am not a fan of the comic series but I might actually check this show out when it premieres.

  2. That zombie is by Greg Nicotero, who many geeks know as one of the guys at KNB, who got big through the Raimi Evil Dead movies, among other things.

  3. So pumped. I’m glad AMC is taking this risk.

  4. What I’ve seen so far looks nothing but great.

  5. Should be pretty cool show! I hope that being a extra as a zombie and getting chopped bcomes a fad among known stars. A way to get some geek cred. Who would u like to see get his chopped? Pitt, even thou I like him. And Megan fox. Like her too!

  6. Undead beauty!

  7. This one looks fantastic. Nice shot. 

    Echh … glrbb … rrg … ack! 

  8. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Basic cable can display necrosis out the wazoo, just gotta keep the blood to a minimum.  This looks great.

  9. ………


  10. reminds me of the zombie that Rick kills on the side of the road in the at the end of the first issue, looks great.

  11. My grass is growing this exact same type of weed. What the hell should I do?

  12. Yes! Zombierrific……………

  13. this is going to be good!!! hahaha

  14. looks good

  15. @Josh, he got his break from Romero, too.  His Tom Savini number is one!

  16. wow!  That’s killer.

  17. @josh: Holy….is that true? My god, this will be the greatest TV show ever now.

    I’m not doing hyperbole here either, that is fantastic news. The more news I hear about this show the better it becomes. Also, it looks like that is the zombie Rick encounters in the first trade on the side of the road.

  18. @ outcastjon exactly what i was thinking!

  19. this is made of awesome.

  20. I think that’s the coolest looking zombie i’ve ever seen.

  21. @TNC I don’t think that its that zombie cause the one in the first issue that was on the road had nor arms or legs, thus it could not eat people. Unless they are changing it up in the tv show, either way just by the makeup alone the show will be worth checking out.

  22. That’s impressive.

  23. Michael Jackson?

  24. Dude, I’m all about this show.  Pity that Comcast pulled another fast one on us basic subscribers and now I have to get a cable box to see AMC – or any of the hi-def local channels.  sumbitches.

  25. Breaking Bad had a very gruesome scene of blood in one episode, where a dead body was dissolved into a disgusting mess of liquid.  So if they can do that on AMC,  this is a walk in the park.

  26. looks awesome!

  27. So Excited!

    I don’t have cable, so my friends and family will definately be seeing me on the days this show airs!  

  28. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Something about his image that is more creepier than a usual zombie image.  Somehow the eyes seem to shows a small ounce of humanity in them – and suffering. Chilling.  
    Having just watched the excellent series season finale of AMC’s "Breaking Bad" tonight . . . its so exciting that AMC has this show on its programming roster.
    And with Frank Darabont screenwriting/directing? Just too good to believe . . .